Wednesday, March 27, 2013

the beginning of another crocheted scarf

Winter is over but I still do a scarf! 
This is by Cristina of  "no paris de cosir",  
we make other exchange this year. They making me a surprise! 
I asked she make for me a sewing box made of fabric 
or a cover to keep the colors of Carlota! I love surprises!

Here I am working with Stylecraft yarn and 4 mm crochet hook. 
Here's a hint, Cristina! You like it? 

Spring has finally arrived and we go out to play on the terrace. 
Look, look the lovely assistant gardener I got this year!
She is very hardworking!

Yesterday she really enjoyed on the terrace. Sun is beautiful! 
And today we returned to play with flower pots and stones. 

And the Lulo has come from France! 
He had stayed there a few more days on holidays! 
She is cheerful and happy with Lulo and all day she make kisses and hugs... 
the others teddy bears she loved those days have disappeared from your world, 
for now it exists only Lulo!

We have played all morning, it was very funny! 
The pants, she, I too...all ended up very dirty! 
That means we had a great time!

I am happy to see growing happy  my daughter ...

And another year again the hydrangeas sprout ... 
I will like already see the beautiful flowers!

My daughter, crochet, my little garden ... all helps me be a little more happy ... 
my father is in the hospital and I think all day with him and my mother ...
 are the best parents in the world! 

Thanks for visiting me and sorry if I'm not  write and publish 
for a few days on the blog as much as before ...

 Thanks for all your comments!



  1. Ooohhhh que bònic t'està quedant a la Cristina segur que li encanta! Les fotos de la teva filla són una passada. Petons guapa.

  2. Your crochet scarf is looking so pretty Cristina. And yes, your lovely gardening assistant looks very hard-working. :)

  3. Hope your dad recovers soon and all is well again. The cheerful flowers add color and joy to your Spring. Beautiful....

  4. ES genial que le inculques a tu hija el amor por las plantas y la jardinería así el día de mañana será tan buena jardinera como tu.
    Ya se ven las matas brotando,me encanta ,seguro que en un mes o dos nos enseñaras tu terraza tan hermosa y llena de flores como siempre.

  5. Se aprecia que la bufanda quedará muy linda ;-)

  6. best wishes for your father! Your daughter reminds me of my little assistants when they had the same age!!!
    xxxx Ale

  7. Cristina quina bufanda primaveral! ja veures com a la Cristina li encantarà!Per cert molts ànims per lo del teu pare, deistjo qie es recuperi ràpid. Aquesta barrufeta és la carlota! està preciosa!
    Una forta abraçada!


  8. Crisssss!!!!! M'encantaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! Els bonyets em tornen boja....ohhhhhhh, genial!!! NO corris que encara no he començat!!!! La Carlota està divertidissima...que guapa!!!! Un petó molt gran i molt fort!!!! Muaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!

  9. Cristina m'alegro que en Lulo hagi "arribat" de vacances, ja m'imagino la cara de la Carlota com el devia veure!!
    Espero que el teu pare és recuperi aviat!
    Una abraçada ben forta!

  10. Quina pinta fa la bufanda!! La Cristina estarà encantada i segur que tu també amb la seva sorpresa! Vaja dues artistes esteu fetes :)! La Carlota està maquíssima!
    Desitjo que es recuperi aviat el teu pare!
    Una abraçada!

  11. Your little gardening assistant is adorable! It's such fun to garden with young children! Sending good wishes for your father.
    Helen x


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