Saturday, April 6, 2013

a cover for a notepad and a scandinavian fairy

When I decided to blog I did not think that it so many positive things and reported great satisfaction like it is giving me so far ... and today I want to share with you another joy: the interchange what we have done with Rosa of the blog
 "oh la la ma vie en rose". You remember that I made him  a garland? 
You can see here and here.

Well today I received my part of the exchange. After a very sad days has been a great joy for me ... behind this gift wrapped so well has appeared this beautiful cover for a notepad. Lovely, Rosa... I looooooooove it... I love everything related to the world of paper and writing ... could not be more beautiful!

I loooooooooove the detail of the handwritten note ... oh, Rosa... you have a beautiful letter! lovely! I read and reread the note a lot of times ... which letter sooooooooo pretty! a detail so beautiful! And I also love the name of my blog  ... I have no words to say how much I liked this cover for a notepad!

And that the cover for a notepad be it with a notepad included... it is great!

 I looooooooooooooooooooooooooove it!!!!!!!

But the fact that is even more surprising that Rosa has not done a single thing if not  she also sent another package wrapped as well as the first ....

And the second package was aimed at Carlota.... what is this ...? what is this...???

As Rosa says in the note that she also sent along with the second package: it is a Scandinavian fairy for Carlota. Lovely!

They said that it is the first fairy she has done. But I think so is super well done! 
An impeccable confection!

Rosa, you make me feel  a happy today! And also Carlota, although she is always happy, as it should be... 

How many joys gives me the blog! You, you can not imagine how happy I was for received this so nice gift of the Rosa, a lovely girl, great writer and very detailed, which I known through the internet, we have not ever talked, we will not we have seen, we've exchanged a few emails ... do not you think that this is amazing? I think it's something the fairies ... I think these things make the world, on sad days, it be a little nicer ... 

Rosa million thanks for everything .... thanks .... thanks...

And thank you all for all your comments on the last post ...  
thanks for being here ... thanks for all ... 
I will feel many of you as friends ... this is because  the fairies exist... 
have you ever seen a fairy? certainly yes! 
I think that in the world there are many fairies as Amélie Poulain... 
Rosa today  my dear fairy ... 

thanks again ... 

thanks ....


  1. both the cover and the doll are beautiful!!!
    xxx Ale

  2. Ohhhhhhhh funda és preciosa!!!! Però la fada é fada és...m'encanta la fada de la Carlota!!!! Un petó molt gran guapa!!!

  3. Quins supers regals, són preciosos!!
    Rosa, t'ha quedat super la fada!!!

  4. Quins regalassos!! Genial!!
    M'encanten tots dos.
    Un petonet

  5. Estic la mar de contenta de que us hagin agradat tant ! Has fet una entrada molt i molt bonica ! Una bonica experiència això de l'intercanvi
    1 petó


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