Thursday, April 25, 2013

a package from Jakarta...

A package from Jakarta reached me by mail today at 17.00 ... when I call because we have a package I always get excited ... and today I already knew that this package came from far away!

This package comes to my home because I am the winner of the Giveaway that has done  Alessandra ( here ). Oooohhh!! I'm so happy! Thank you, Ale! You have given me great joy! See that wrapper so cute! You see the heart crocheted so beautiful??? look! look!

 And this postcard! How wonderful! from Jakarta! Ale, I'm really impressed with so many things that you sent me! Everything is so beautiful! And I perceive that you have done all with much love! Thank you! Thank you!

 The Giveaway awards are a beautiful book full of crochet patterns and too six beautiful and colorful coasters of crochet, wonderful! The book is signed by the Ale! She have  beautiful details, thanks Ale...

Look what a wonderful job .. you can find more things like these beautiful coasters if you visit her blog, visit it! homemadeatmyplace

A new book by my small collection of books on crochet ... Thanks Ale!

Alessandra is currently living in Jakarta but she is a person who has traveled the world. I always tell him that I love to think that she writes from Jakarta, I've always been fascinated by the oriental world and the Antipodes ... if ever I travel to Indonesia I promise you I'll call you! I would like to meet you! Millions of thanks, Alessandra! I wish you  the best for you and your family and that you continued showing how many beautiful things you've done so far! 

A big hug from Catalonia! 



  1. The delivering was really quick!!!! Fantastic!!!! I'm so happy that you are so excited about all the things found in the parcel! I thank you so much for all the kind words dedicated to me!!! If you come in JK, please call me!!! It would be so nice to meet you and your family!!!!
    love, xxxx Ale

  2. Uauuuuu Cris, quin paquet tan bonic...plè de cosetes xules!!!! El llibre té una pinta!!! Mmmmmmmmm!!!! Felicitats guapa!!!!!

  3. Oooooooooooh, estic alucinant!!! Quina passada!!! m'encanta tot! és precios! quin super paquet, i quins super regals!!!! Que afortunada cristina!!!! que guai! disfruta-ho moooolt! un petonas!

  4. I love to get packages too and that wrapping is so exciting, what lovely contents too! So much thought and care. Rowen@ Coastal Colours x

  5. wowww! This giveway is very fabulousss! crochet book and many more cute coaster with beautifull color! How lucky are you!
    enjoy your gift! Jakarta isn't far from Semarang.. It's same country with me :)hahaha... Greetings from Semarang Mrs. Alessandra and Mrs. Cristina :)


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