Wednesday, April 17, 2013

my first crocheted heart and the first label


What is there behind this crocheted heart??? This is the first crocheted heart that I did and I must say that I really like and it has been very fast to make, but I will tell you how to make it  another day ...  well, so today I want to tell you that behind this crocheted heart... what is there???? what is there????

Well the scarf / cowl / stole!!! for Cristina of  "no paris de cosir"!!! And for the first time a piece of crocheted with label of my blog! Cristina, do not be scared to see how I sew the label ... is difficult to sew on wool with a sewing machine... sorry... might be better when you have more practice... but I'm happy with my first label!

And I wrapped again using washi tape, it is addictive, right???

And I think that the heart crochet look very good here... 
well,  maybe I do not have to say all this, right...? 
Well, I also stamping letters, I like the letter stamps! 
I hope you like it, Cristina! 

And to you I wish you a happy day! 

Thanks for visiting my world of wool!


  1. Everything is beautiful!!!
    You are one of the winners of my giveaway!!!!!!
    Please send me your address via email :
    Congratulations and look here !!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. Cute little heart Cristina - and the wrapping paper looks very nice. I hope you're having a great week. :)

  3. És un paquetet moníssim! I el cor com a decoració una passada! La Cris estarà ben contenta!
    Quina gràcia l'etiqueta ja posadeta eeh!!
    Un petonàs

  4. Very cute heart, what a lovely parcel for Cristina :-) Rowen@Coastal Colours x

  5. Uauuuu el cor una monada i el paquet genial!!! què hi haurà? em sembla que haurem d'esperar!!!!

  6. que mono!!!!!!

    al final me he animado y me he abierto un blog para mis creaciones :P

    un beso!

  7. Mmmmmmmm...aquest cor i aquest paquet em sonen...siiiiiiiiii!!!! M'ha arribat avui!!!!!!!! Gràcies Cris...M'ENCANTA!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah, i l'etiqueta no està mal cosida ok????? Un petó guapa, després et contesto al mail ;)

  8. Nenaaaa quina passada de paquetet ... segur que li va encantar a la Cristina!! I l'etiqueteta personalitzada queda genial i molt professional !! Això és high level ;)
    1 petó


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