Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a bag for my daughter

I love sewing with machine .... 
At my daughter loves tractors, trucks, bulldozers, buses .... in aim, all this! 
And  I had bought a fabric so fun   to do something for my daughter. 
And I've done you a handbag to carry her stuff.

 I had not ribbon for the handle and I use bias tape in yellow color. 
I folded the ribbon in half and I sew  with the same green thread used to sew the bag. 
I could not wait! I wanted to give the bag the next day!

The handbag was for his stuff but... 
you can see that she also wants to put my phone  and his bunny Lulo .... 
maybe I should have made ​​a bigger bag!

Many thanks for your comments! 
I want to welcome the new followers! 
Thanks for walking into my world of wool!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

crochet, a horses and flowers

Hello, dear readers and followers! 
I still surprise at the high number of visits this week I received 
in my  world of wool ... The carpet made ​​with trapillo ( here )
(t-shirt yarn, I will say like this  starting today and in English) 
has been very successful on Pinterest! 

And, finally, I can make "pin it" onto all the photos of blog, 
and if you want you can also do it! Just pass the mouse cursor over the photo 
and  it appears logo of Pinterest. You see? 
Everything can be found on the net!

I still work with gray squares. I agreed to new exchange a one handmade thing. 
This time I will do an exchange with Laura, visit her blog: "lua-laura" ( here )
She does great beautiful things ... I love everything she does!

I  asked him to do something for Carlota and she requested me to do... 
well, you'll see when I will have finished!

Carlota continues to grow ... She is very brave, not afraid anything! 
The horse, that is for rocking, she makes galloping at high speed ... 
she has such force that lifts the cavalll of the floor! 
(I already told you some time ago that this is actually a reindeer 
but for Carlota it is her horse ...)

 This May is atypical of where I live. 
Now would be really hot and we still go with the jacket of winter ... 
Flowers days ago that should have sprouted 
and a little retarded in this regard, especially hydrangeas. 
On the day when reaches the heat will be a big contrast ...  

I will show you the red flower when it sprout, will be spectacular! 
The other two flower pots were also more retarded, they sprout later ... 
I hope so! And flower the succulent, although they are small, 
they are also very beautiful, right?

My mother has many flowers, all flowers are home: 
the stairs at the entrance of the house, the dining room, the kitchen, 
the terrace, the garden ... I made these photos in my parents' house. 
A white carnation and cactus flowers. 
They are so beautiful the cactus flowers ...!

I want to thank all of you for being here! Thanks for your comments, 
thanks for your emails, thank you for spreading my work thanks... 
It makes me happy to know that thanks to my tutorials to learn 
how to make a carpet or a basket with t-shirt yarn 
someone make a carpet or a basket... this is great... 

I have followed it, and I still follow many blogs, 
I think is amazing that  now people follow me ... 
A year ago I did not imagine this would happen! 
Thanks.... thanks... thanks....

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Giveaway winner

The Giveaway winner is....

Congratulations, Sara!
You can see the Giveaway here

Sara, you have to contact me to tell me your address. 
Send email to 
Thank you! 

And thanks to everyone for participating!

Since "" has entered into pinterest I have received thousands of hits... this is awesome... And I still do not know how to put the "pin it"! Definitely, the computing is not a subject I know well... Gradually I learned how Pinterest works ... I fight now I still how to put the "pin it" on the blog... sorry...

follow me in Pinterest!!!

Kisses to you all from Catalonia!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

birthday GIVEAWAY aniversari SORTEIG aniversario SORTEO

"my world of wool"  was born a year ago
nearly 80,000 visitors...
many followers...
many things published...
many sweet comments...
many surprises...
 many joys...
many things to learn...
I have known a virtual world...
a lovely people... 
I can only thank you.... 
thanks to all of you who have walked a little while 
on my world wool ...  thanks ...

I will do a Giveaway 
to everyone who left a comment on this post. 
I'll give a garland for the winner, 
with your name or the words she wants. 
So I can not show you the garland today...

The Giveaway will be on Wednesday 22 May. 
Good luck to everyone!

I also want to say that I've created 
an account on Pinterest, 
(if you want to follow me there too...)

Once again, THANK YOU! 

Kisses and hugs for everyone! 

Do not forget to create beautiful things! 


Friday, May 17, 2013

some stitches of sewing and sewing kit

My mother is the best mother in the world! Sure is! 
And when she was young she stitched all its trousseau 
(fully hand embroidered linens, tablecloths, towels ...), as did all the girls 
before marriage, a few years ago, in the village. 
She has sewn treasures! 

I asked the other day: mama, do you know stitch a drawing in a shirt???
And she taught me how to do it!

Here is my first work! I think this will be very useful to me! 
I'm looking forward to sewing my first drawing! 
Mothers know everything, right? 
Thank you, mama!

The other day when I sewed the dressing case I realized that I needed urgent 
a base, a ruler and a cutter. I do not cut straight with scissors and after  
I have cut fabrics I see excess wadding here, fabric foul over there ... a disaster... 
I have spoiled much fabric for a small project! 
Yesterday afternoon when I went out for a walk with the baby 
I knew what I wanted to buy ...  look in the picture!
Now, finally ... I think I will work better!

I'm really surprised ... 
For two days the visits have more than tripled in my world of wool ... 
 I looked websites you visit today and really surprising 
is the success of my latest carpet with trapillo (here)
This have appeared in a lot of pages Pinterest! 
I'm amazed! Amazing!
I am grateful to all the people who said "like" and a "re-pin" in Pinterest. 
Many thanks!

Thank you for visiting my world of wool! 
I would like to welcome the new followers! 
Thanks for stopping here for a little while! 
thank you!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

my third dressing case

Today I am very happy! After months without sew with my super sewing machine, two days ago I returned to sew! In the afternoon while my daughter was sleeping I had thought the design. And I also I had made two crocheted flowers. At night when she already slept well, I had everything ready to start sewing! What  suffering, my God...! The thread was breaking all time ... I took over half an hour to ascertain the tension of the thread ... I am a beginner, beginner, you know! And self taught, too! But I had to do it! I could not wait any longer! 
Today is the birthday of my sister. And this is what I've given she!

A dressing case for my sister Anna!!!!!

Happy Birthday Anna!

This is my third dressing case!
You can see here I've used two fabrics, one with stripes and the other yellow.
I also made ​​a crochet flower. I am proud of my third dressing case!
I acknowledge that, despite all the shortcomings that I have with sewing,
the color scheme has been good, right?
What do you think?

Behind I've only used  the striped fabric. The flower is made with crochet
and yarn cotton. In the first were two flowers but I liked sewing one above the other
and I think that was a good choice.

The orange zipper. It not been very good sewing...
I think the last dressing case I had sewing better!

And here's something that makes me very happy!
You can not imagine how happy I am to give this to my sister!
She liked it very much!

To my sister loves the stripes, the flowers and the color purple.
She was very happy!

 I used a wadding inside of dressing case. It measures 24x26cm.
I followed the tutorial of Cristina , although I've changed a bit!
You can find it in its blog  "no paris de cosir" ( here ) 
Many thanks, Cris!

Thanks for visiting my world of wool!

Pachyveria and Sansevieria and little squares of cotton

Hi, how are you? Busy in creating beautiful things? I hope so! 
Creating beautiful things is what we like, right? 
As the heat has arrived (although we now have some rainy days in Catalonia ...) 
it's time to save the wool and it is time to work with cotton. 
Here some circles become squares. Someone told me he liked the gray .... 
I do not know if you like this color combination ... you like this?

My mother in law came to spend a few days at home and I take advantage to transplant some succulents that needed urgent help. While my mother in law took care of the girl look like I take advantage the time ... absolutely! I have never to said you that I love the succulents?? Now I do not have time to dedicate myself to plants, gardening impossible to do with my daughter! she is very hardworking and always wants to help me at all things ... impossible ... impossible ...

Of a flowerpot of pachyveria arose in dozens of shoots that I put into a lot of small flowerpots. Now my terrace is full of flowerpots of pachyveria. I've given some flower pots of pachyveria and sure throughout the year I give away more. I like giving away plants that I  see  grow in my terrace! Look how from inside our home my Daughter's eyes follow my every movements. She wants to know at all times what is happening, whether in the kitchen, the terrace, the bathroom ... she wants to see it! 
I think she will learn things very fast...

In a plant of Sansevieria also surfaced many shoots  that I put into other flowerpots.
Each year the plants multiply and my little garden was transformed everyday...

I wish you have a good day!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

tutorial how to make a carpet with trapillo (2)

Hello! Welcome back to my world of wool! 
Here is a new tutorial for make a carpet with trapillo. I used three coils trapillo, two pink and one gray and I worked with a  crochet hook 15mm, it all depends how how thick the trapillo you use. And I changed color in every round, but if you want you can use one color or more more colors to the carpet.

Hola! Benvinguts altre cop al meu món de llana!
Aquí teniu un nou tutorial per realitzar una catifa de trapillo. Jo vaig utilitzar tres bobines de trapillo, dues de color rosa i una de color gris i vaig treballar amb agulla de ganxet de 15mm, tot depèn de com sigui de gruixut el trapillo que vostè utilitzi. Jo vaig canviar de color a cada volta, però si vostè ho desitja pot utilitzar un sol color o fins i tot fer la catifa amb més colors.

 ¡Hola! Bienvenidos de nuevo a mi mundo de lana! 
Aquí tenéis un nuevo tutorial para realizar una alfombra de trapillo. Yo utilicé tres bobinas de trapillo, dos de color rosa y una de color gris. Trabajé con aguja de ganchillo 15mm, todo depende de cómo sea de grueso el trapillo que usted utilice. Yo cambié de color en cada vuelta, pero si usted lo desea puede utilizar un solo color o incluso hacer la alfombra con más colores.


tutorial how to make a carpet with trapillo 
tutorial com fer una catifa amb trapillo 
tutorial como hacer una alfombra con trapillo 

1 -make a magic circle, double crochet 16 times in the circle, join with slip stitch

feu un cercle màgic, 16 punts alts, unir amb un punt ras

haz un círculo mágico, 16 puntos altos, unir con un punto corredizo

2- 32 dc, two dc in each dc of previous round, 2-2-2-2 ... to end, join in a circle ss,

32 pa, dos pa en cada pa de la volta anterior, 2-2-2-2... fins al final, unir en cercle amb pr

32 pa, dos pa en cada pa de la vuelta anterior, 2-2-2-2... hasta el final, unir en círculo con pc,

3- 48 dc, 2-1-2-1-2-1 ... to end, join in a circle ss

48 pa, 2-1-2-1-2-1... fins al final, unir en cercle amb pr

48 pa, 2-1-2-1-2-1... hasta el final, unir en círculo con pc

Here I will show how to make the color change at the end of a round. If you look at the first round I did not do that and the points are ugly. If you do it thus  the result is more polished and the points are nice.

Aquí jo us mostro com realitzar el canvi de color al finalitzar una volta. Si us fixeu a la primera volta no ho vaig fer d'aquesta manera i els punts es veuen lletjos. Si vostè ho fa així el resultat és més polit i els punts es veuen bonics.

Aquí os muestro cómo realizar el cambio de color al finalizar una vuelta. Si os fijáis en la primera vuelta  no lo hice de esta manera y los puntos se ven feos. Si usted lo hace así el resultado es más pulido y los puntos se ven bonitos.

4- 64 dc, 2-1-1-2-1-1-2-1-1 ... to end, join in a circle ss

64 pa, 2-1-1-2-1-1-2-1-1 ... fins al final, unir en cercle amb pr

64 pa, 2-1-1-2-1-1-2-1-1 ... hasta el final, unir en círculo con pc

5- 80 dc, 2-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-2-1-1-1 ... to end, join in a circle ss

80 pa, 2-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-2-1-1-1 ... fins al final, unir en cercle amb pr

80 pa, 2-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-2-1-1-1 ... hasta el final, unir en círculo con pc

6- 96 dc, 2-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-1 ... to end, join in a circle ss

96 pa, 2-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-1  ... fins al final, unir en cercle amb pr

96 pa, 2-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-1-1  ... hasta el final, unir en círculo con pc

I tried to make the next round continuing with the increases (you remember  16 point increase in each round) and so end the seventh round with 112 points. If you want to make a more larger rug remember make 16 increases in each round, you  understand?

Jo pretenia fer la volta número 7 continuant amb els augments (recordeu que augmentem 16 punts a cada volta) i així finalitzar la volta 7 amb 112 punts. Si vostè vol fer una catifa més gran vostè ha de realitzar 16 augments a cada volta, ho entén? 

Yo pretendía hacer la vuelta número 7 continuando con los aumentos (recordad que aumentamos 16 puntos en cada vuelta) y así finalizar la vuelta 7 con 112 puntos. Si usted quiere hacer una alfombra más grande  debe realizar 16 aumentos en cada vuelta, lo comprende?

What happened here? What happened was finished the trapillo  before the end of  round 7 and I had to get rid of the points... Make tutorials requires a lot of time and effort, really ... a lot of time... Then I had to find a solution and now I will explain how I made the  round number 7.

Què va passar aquí? Doncs va passar que es va acabar el trapillo abans de finalitzar la volta número 7 i  vaig haver de desfer els punts... Fer tutorials requereix molt de temps i esforç, de veritat... molt de temps... Després  vaig haver de buscar una solució i ara us explico com vaig fer la volta número 7.

¿Qué pasó aquí? Pues sucedió que se acabó el trapillo antes de finalizar la vuelta número 7 y  tuve que deshacer los puntos... Hacer tutoriales requiere mucho tiempo y esfuerzo, de verdad ...  mucho tiempo... Después  tuve que buscar una solución y ahora  os cuento como hice la vuelta número 7.

7- chain 5 (counting as 1dc+chain2) skip a stitch, then continues:
1dc, ch2, sk 1 st… to end,  join with a slip stitch

feu 5 cadenetes (compta com 1pa+2cd) salta un punt, llavors continueu:
1punt alt, 2cadenetes, salta 1 punt... així fins al final, unir amb punt ras

haz 5 cadenetas (cuenta como 1pa+2cad) salta un punto, luego continúa:
1 punto alto, dos cadenetas, salta 1 punto... así hasta el final, unir con punto corredizo

8- chain 1 (counting as a 1sc), then continues:
1sc in the hole, 1sc in the each dc of previous round…  to end, join with ss and fasten off. I advise you  after fasten off the trapillo take off needle and thread the same color and make a stitching in to of trapillo  and so make sure not undo the carpet. (IMPORTANTI think here I should make 2sc in the hole, then I will explain you why I decided to make only 1sc inside the hole )

feu una cadeneta (compta com 1pb), llavors continueu:
1pb al forat, 1pb en cada pa de la volta anterior… fins al final, unir amb pr i assegurar el fil. Jo aconsello després de rematar el trapillo agafar agulla i fil del mateix color i fer unes puntades al trapillo i així assegurem que no es desfarà la catifa. (IMPORTANT: crec que aquí s'hauria de fer 2 pb al forat, després us explico perquè  he decidit fer només 1pb al forat)

haz una cadeneta (cuenta como 1pb), luego continúa:
1pb en el agujero, 1pb en cada pa de la vuelta anterior… hasta el final, unir con pc y asegurar el hilo. Aconsejo después de rematar el trapillo coger aguja e hilo del mismo color y hacer unos puntos  al trapillo y así nos aseguramos que no se deshaga la alfombra. (IMPORTANTE: creo que aquí se debería hacer 2 pb en el agujero, después  os cuento porque  he decidido hacer sólo 1pb en el agujero)

Look what happened when I did 2sc in each hole ... a disaster! I had the carpet with large waves. Here I also had to get rid  the points and start again the round. I tell you that the trapillo pink  was thicker than the trapillo gray and that is difficult to work thereby. If you can, you work with  the same thickness of trapillo...

Mireu que va passar quan jo vaig fer 2pb dins de cada forat... un desastre! em quedava la catifa amb ones molt grans. Jo també aquí vaig haver de desfer els punts i començar una altra vegada la volta. Us he de dir que el trapillo rosa era més gruixut que el trapillo gris i això és complicat per treballar. Si podeu heu de treballar amb trapillo del mateix gruix...

Mira lo que pasó cuando  hice 2pb dentro de cada agujero ... un desastre! me quedaba la alfombra con olas muy grandes. Aquí también tuve que deshacer los puntos y empezar otra vez la vuelta. He de decir que el trapillo rosa era más grueso que el trapillo gris y esto es complicado para trabajar. Si se puede es mejor trabajar con trapillo del mismo grosor...

Look behind the carpet. I have not cut the trapillo when i did the color change. 
You Want to see  the carpet..?  Here is my second carpet with trapillo! 
Authentic XL crochet! 
And here comes my controller QUALITY ...

Observa la catifa pel darrera. No he tallat el trapillo quan realitzava el canvi de color. 
Vols veure com és la catifa...? Aquí teniu la meva segona catifa de trapillo! 
Autèntic ganxet XL! 
I també aquí arriba la meva controladora de calitat... 

Mira la alfombra por detrás. No he cortado el trapillo al realizar el cambio de color. 
¿Quieres ver cómo es la alfombra ...? ¡Aquí teneis mi segunda alfombra de trapillo! 
¡Auténtico ganchillo XL! 
Y también aquí llega mi controladora de calidad ...

To me it's funny how quickly she sits on the carpet!
 She remembers the other day and the last carpet... (you can see here)

Em fa gràcia com  s'asseu de seguida a la catifa! 
se'n recorda de l'altre dia i de l'anterior catifa... (la pots veure aquí)

¡Me hace gracia como ella se sienta enseguida en la alfombra!  
se acuerda del otro día y de la otra alfombra... (la puedes ver aquí)

She liked it a lot! Even she wants to do somersaults on the carpet! 
The carpet of trapillo has passed  control QUALITY!

Li ha agradat moltíssim! Fins i tot vol fer tombarelles a sobre la catifa! 
La catifa de trapillo ha passat el control de calitat!

¡Le ha gustado muchísimo! ¡Incluso  quiere hacer volteretas sobre la alfombra! 
¡La alfombra de trapillo ha pasado el control de calidad!

I hope that this tutorial will be useful. You can make a rug like this or take ideas to make your own carpet with trapillo. But above all, above all, very importantly enjoy! 
Thanks for visiting my world of wool!

Jo desitjo que us sigui útil aquest tutorial. Podeu fer una catifa similar a aquesta o bé prendre idees per realitzar la vostra pròpia catifa de trapillo. Però sobretot, sobretot, molt important: gaudiu creant! 
Gràcies per visitar el meu món de llana!

Yo deseo que os sea útil este tutorial. Puede hacer una alfombra similar a ésta o bien tomar ideas para realizar su propia alfombra de trapillo. Pero sobre todo, sobre todo, muy importante: ¡disfrutad creando!
 ¡Gracias por visitar mi mundo de lana!

Friday, May 3, 2013

gràcies tieta Rosa...

 What I can say when you give me a jewel like this?

Tieta Rosa has given us this beautiful patchwork quilt made ​​by her. 
When Carlota was born she gave us this blanket that I showed you here 
I know there is so much work behind a work like this! 
a hard work, tieta Rosa!

I do not know how many hours you have worked with this quilt, tieta. 
You really can not count all the hours ... many ... 
But we are very grateful to you!

Tieta Rosa Maria has given us many things handmade for her, placemats, pillows, christmas decoration ... much! This cushion also gave it to Carlota, I think I remember that she said had done almost everything by hand!

I think that for make all this tieta Rosa  need a lot of work ... and everything is perfect sewing... What can I say with such generosity? 
I can only say GRÀCIES TIETA ROSA!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

more trapillo, the first umbrella and days of sun

 I already have trapillo! 
I've bought in a haberdashery that is called "Repunts" near where I live. 
So far it not have web site, for this reason I can not give the link! I also bought a crochet hook 15mm because this trapillo  is a bit thicker than I used work to today
I want to make a carpet for Carlota, a little larger than the mat that I made the other day. If I can I'll make also tutorial!

In Catalonia has been raining for three days straight ... This is not usual here! We have had to stay at home and my daughter has discovered the umbrella!

She always wants me to draw things ... I do not know much draw ... nothing! but she wants that the mom draw and she paint and she paste colorful stickers always...

Yesterday it was sunny and mom bought him his first umbrella. Maybe it does not rain for another two months ... but Carlota now has its umbrella, 
transparent and patterned pink Kitty!

Also today is a beautiful day and sunny. As today is a holiday we spent most of the morning playing on the terrace. Now Carlota and her father  they sleep ... 
Mom,  take advantage this time!

Some plants have grown and some not ... these things happen in my little garden! 
Some plants wither because they have  much water and others are a beautiful flowers...

In another post I show you the patchwork that is behind!

The hydrangeas grow ...  I suppose that bloom this year too!

I would like to welcome the month of May and my new followers!

Thanks for visiting my world of wool!

You are welcome!