Thursday, May 2, 2013

more trapillo, the first umbrella and days of sun

 I already have trapillo! 
I've bought in a haberdashery that is called "Repunts" near where I live. 
So far it not have web site, for this reason I can not give the link! I also bought a crochet hook 15mm because this trapillo  is a bit thicker than I used work to today
I want to make a carpet for Carlota, a little larger than the mat that I made the other day. If I can I'll make also tutorial!

In Catalonia has been raining for three days straight ... This is not usual here! We have had to stay at home and my daughter has discovered the umbrella!

She always wants me to draw things ... I do not know much draw ... nothing! but she wants that the mom draw and she paint and she paste colorful stickers always...

Yesterday it was sunny and mom bought him his first umbrella. Maybe it does not rain for another two months ... but Carlota now has its umbrella, 
transparent and patterned pink Kitty!

Also today is a beautiful day and sunny. As today is a holiday we spent most of the morning playing on the terrace. Now Carlota and her father  they sleep ... 
Mom,  take advantage this time!

Some plants have grown and some not ... these things happen in my little garden! 
Some plants wither because they have  much water and others are a beautiful flowers...

In another post I show you the patchwork that is behind!

The hydrangeas grow ...  I suppose that bloom this year too!

I would like to welcome the month of May and my new followers!

Thanks for visiting my world of wool!

You are welcome!



  1. hola guapa!!

    en qué tienda dices q has comprado???

  2. Si, que bé el dia de festa i com comença a crear la teva nina. Ah he vist l'altre post i està boníssima amb els collarets. Un petó.


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