Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Pachyveria and Sansevieria and little squares of cotton

Hi, how are you? Busy in creating beautiful things? I hope so! 
Creating beautiful things is what we like, right? 
As the heat has arrived (although we now have some rainy days in Catalonia ...) 
it's time to save the wool and it is time to work with cotton. 
Here some circles become squares. Someone told me he liked the gray .... 
I do not know if you like this color combination ... you like this?

My mother in law came to spend a few days at home and I take advantage to transplant some succulents that needed urgent help. While my mother in law took care of the girl look like I take advantage the time ... absolutely! I have never to said you that I love the succulents?? Now I do not have time to dedicate myself to plants, gardening impossible to do with my daughter! she is very hardworking and always wants to help me at all things ... impossible ... impossible ...

Of a flowerpot of pachyveria arose in dozens of shoots that I put into a lot of small flowerpots. Now my terrace is full of flowerpots of pachyveria. I've given some flower pots of pachyveria and sure throughout the year I give away more. I like giving away plants that I  see  grow in my terrace! Look how from inside our home my Daughter's eyes follow my every movements. She wants to know at all times what is happening, whether in the kitchen, the terrace, the bathroom ... she wants to see it! 
I think she will learn things very fast...

In a plant of Sansevieria also surfaced many shoots  that I put into other flowerpots.
Each year the plants multiply and my little garden was transformed everyday...

I wish you have a good day!


  1. Cristina,
    Your squares are just lovely and so is your daughter! Gaia.

  2. Lepo,volim sivo,sa svakom bojom se lepo kombinuje!
    Super su sukulente,ne treba mnogo vode,imaš i malu pomoćnicu,tvoju devojčicu.:)
    Ni ja ne govorim dobro engleski jezik,nadam se da ćeš uspeti da prevedeš u google translate.:(
    Pozdrav iz Srbije!:)

  3. The grey color highlights the colored circle so well! And thats a very pretty girl sitting there :)

  4. Succulents are so fun to grow and so forgiving. yes, the eyes follow every movement and she learns by watching and listening at this age. You are a good mama, she is getting so big and beautiful and calm.

  5. I like grey as a colour base!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  6. M'encanten aquests quadrats de ganxet Cris!!!! Quina combinació de colors....a més l cotó em torna boja! Veus en canvi les plantes no són el meu fort :( petonets!!!!!!

  7. Hola, Cristina. a mí me encantan los circulos en medio de los cuadros, y los colores combinan perfectamente
    Y tu jardín transformado quedó lindo :-)

  8. Quins quadritos més preciosos!!!! m'encanteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!! Les dues combinacions són monissimes!!!

  9. Aquests quadrets són una monada!! Tu tampoc pares ehhhh??!! M'estic posant al dia mirant els blogs i has fet un munt de coses! I jo encantada de veure-ho :).
    Un petonet

  10. Caram!!! els quadrats m'han enamorat.... el gris i un color queda perfecte! uff m'encanten!!!! ja m'imagino una manta tota així i amb color al centre... brutal!!!! Petons


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