Wednesday, May 15, 2013

my third dressing case

Today I am very happy! After months without sew with my super sewing machine, two days ago I returned to sew! In the afternoon while my daughter was sleeping I had thought the design. And I also I had made two crocheted flowers. At night when she already slept well, I had everything ready to start sewing! What  suffering, my God...! The thread was breaking all time ... I took over half an hour to ascertain the tension of the thread ... I am a beginner, beginner, you know! And self taught, too! But I had to do it! I could not wait any longer! 
Today is the birthday of my sister. And this is what I've given she!

A dressing case for my sister Anna!!!!!

Happy Birthday Anna!

This is my third dressing case!
You can see here I've used two fabrics, one with stripes and the other yellow.
I also made ​​a crochet flower. I am proud of my third dressing case!
I acknowledge that, despite all the shortcomings that I have with sewing,
the color scheme has been good, right?
What do you think?

Behind I've only used  the striped fabric. The flower is made with crochet
and yarn cotton. In the first were two flowers but I liked sewing one above the other
and I think that was a good choice.

The orange zipper. It not been very good sewing...
I think the last dressing case I had sewing better!

And here's something that makes me very happy!
You can not imagine how happy I am to give this to my sister!
She liked it very much!

To my sister loves the stripes, the flowers and the color purple.
She was very happy!

 I used a wadding inside of dressing case. It measures 24x26cm.
I followed the tutorial of Cristina , although I've changed a bit!
You can find it in its blog  "no paris de cosir" ( here ) 
Many thanks, Cris!

Thanks for visiting my world of wool!


  1. Your dressing case is very nice!! The colors go very well together :) thanks for sharing the link!! Did you use anything to give it a firmness? A batting or something? Or is the cloth thick?

    1. Sorry! I had forgotten to say that I've used wadding.
      Thanks for your comments !

  2. T'ha quedat preciós!! La teva germana estarà encantada!! M'agrada molt el detall de la floreta de ganxet i la cinta!!
    Un petonet i que tinguis un bon dia

  3. Quin necesser tan bonic!! Doncs trobo que la cremallera t'ha quedat bé!!!
    La combinació de teles molt bona elecció, i la floreta una cucada!
    Un petó guapi!

  4. Nena, suuuper bé !!!! T'ha quedat super monu! M'encanta el "toque" de la floreta en el necesser!!! :)

  5. T'ha quedat moníssim, ja et avaig dir que per la xarxa hi han tutorial que ens van molt bé a les autodidactes, a mes sempre et quedarà la Cristina per demana-li consell.


  6. Wpw its so very beautiful dear! I loved the way you have mixed the stripes, yellow and taken care of your sis color interests too :) Congrats on a job well done, esp the zipper!! NEAT!

  7. Happy Birthday! to your sister. Your gift to her is very lovely - great sewing work. :)

  8. Very pretty - your sister is very lucky!
    Angie x

  9. T'ha quedat molt bé!!! Uff! Jo tinc pendent aprendre a cosir a màquina... i això que en tinc a casa!
    És molt maco això de poder regalar coses mones fetes a mà :)

  10. T'ha quedat molt bé. Un necesser molt alegre. AH!,, guapa merce pel tuto. Ara a veure si m'en surto. Moltes gràcies. Un petó.

  11. Sempre tries uns colors ben alegres i queden molt divertits!! La teva germana lluirà aquesta bosseta 'recontenta'!!! La flor li dóna el toc!
    Una abraçada, Cristina!!

  12. So cute!! Stopping by from We Did It Wednesday! Looking forward to seeing your future creations!

  13. Awesome......!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for sharing such a cute idea.

  14. Very nice!!!!!!!!


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