Wednesday, June 26, 2013

crochet garland for Arya

Finally I can show  a crocheted work ...  
for many days that I not show you any work! 
Here is a garland of crochet. A garland of crochet for Sara, 
who won the  Birthday's Giveaway (see the Giveaway here )
The Giveaway's winner  had to choose a theme for the garland 
and Sara chose the name of his daughter Arya. 
I hope you like it, Sara! Come on!

To make crocheted garland I worked with  thread
"NATURA Just Cotton" of  DMC
has a variety of color and I love them all ... 
Here I have chosen three colors: pink, blue and yellow. 
I think that all three colors are great for a room  a baby ...
you do not think the same...?

I use a crochet hook 2.2 mm but can work well with 3 mm crochet hook, 
you already know that I work with low tension and I always choose hooks 
below the recommended by the manufacturer .....

Look how good it looks on the wall! I love crocheted garlands...  
but I have not done yet a crocheted garland with the name of my daughter... 
This error has to be repaired ... the next garland that I will do be for my daughter!!!

I like to make a circle in square! I looooooooooooove it.............
And I think that way the letters look  very well............

Look! I used washi tape to hang the crocheted garland on the wall. It works great! 
You can change the place of garland in a jiffy! and need not drill the wall!

You like it?
And you, Sara? What do you think? You Like it?

And you, already have a garland of crochet? Wait no more!
It's fun and there are so many messages to choose ...
the name of your children...  love... happy birthday...
 millions of beautiful words!

Many thanks for all your kind comments and thanks for visiting
my world of wool!!!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

welcome to summer...

The Hydrangeas bloom again ...

This year they bloom later ... it  very cold ... 
and returned the hail  storm... and once again I was spoiled many plants ... 
these succulents were beautiful the day before ...

I would do many things but ... for now everything is on my mind! 
I bought these beautiful fabrics ...

 I feel in love with all of them!  maybe a handbag for me... I would do so many things... 
and the sheep fabric also I really like! maybe for do something for my daughter....

 Saturday we had a little family outing .... you know  Àger?
We climb the "Serra del Montsec" (here )

Is a well place known where for practice free flight, paragliding and sports like this... 

A rise 20 minutes by car from the village to the top of the mountain 
to observe and enjoy spectacular views ... someone, but fell asleep on the way ...

You imagine jump from here with paragliding to the valley ?? 
I'd love to do it .... I would fear? I will someday? 
I'm not bold enough ... I would die of fear ...!!!

I prefer have feet on the ground...
 and I'm very happier watching these precious wild plants. 
They are beautiful, right? 

We climb on the mountain after lunch and it  see very little people, 
athletes had jumped morning! 

Behind the mountains looked the Pyrenees...

I love these photos ...  in the end is the big cliff ... 
From there jump on paragliding  if are brave and want to play on extreme sports ...

Look at the mountain from below! We climb up up there!

I wish you a good summer everyone! 

Enjoy nature and your crafts!

Friday, June 21, 2013

And the winner is................

And the winner is ............ number 46! 
Resultados del sorteo:
  • a batch of skeins of DMC cotton brand: CHS

Moltes felicitats Cristina pel blog i per tantes visites a les teves entrades! M'agraden molt aquests colors, segurament si em toquessin faria una manteta per un nen recent nascut (en tinc molts a la vora!!) o/i una bosseta per a mi, tinc ganes de fer alguna cosa per mi mateixa i podria ser una bona oportunitat, doncs trobo que per l'estiu venen molt bé aquests colors tan suaus.
Gràcies per organitzar aquest sorteig tant generòs!. El meu mail per si tinc sort: "
Moltíssimes felicitaaaaaaats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many congratulations!

You can see the Giveaway her

And many thanks to all participants in total have been ...
50 superb artists and readers of my world of wool!
Surely would you all things beautiful with these beautiful yarns!
Many, many thanks to DMC  for their kindness!

Sorry for my inactivity on the blog .... I suffer from a few weeks ago
a very strong tendonitis in my right arm and I find it difficult to crochet or sew
or write on the computer or do anything because then it becomes very pain arm ....
Doctors resonances ... will  see if maybe I have to go some rehabilitation sessions ...

I'm pleasantly surprised...!! Many readers took part in this Giveaway...!  
thank you for your comments...
 thank you for your words...
 and thank for all the time you spent reading my blog... 
I am infinitely grateful... thanks...

23-DEBI Y.
29-NÚRIA 1


Note: Forgive me for the photo, I have made it on night and the quality of light is not very good ... and apologies too because I have also seen a mistake, I wrote CHS on the Giveaway and in really is CSHS.

Friday, June 14, 2013

a dressing case of sewing, t-shirt and many lovely things

What is so great my happiness! 
Yesterday once again the postman brought me a package full of beautiful things! 
Thank you, Cristina!

 You remember my second exchange with Cristina's blog "Do not stop sewing", in catalan "no paris de cosir" (here) ??? I few days ago I sent this cowl / scarf that you can see (here) on your blog , and she, in exchange sent me this .... 
Thanks, Cris .... thank you ....

And always deliciously wrapped everything ... I love these washi tape!

Look ... take a look ... and I hope you enjoy with so many beautiful things!

People who follow your blog already know that Cristina is a very, very retailer... 
thanks ................. thanks ..................

 Everything is so beautiful that it hurts me even open the package!
Here , 42 Squares 100% Cotton for sewing.... 
thanks....... thanks........

The sewing dressing case is fantastic .... I love fabrics and written letters! 
And the little button wooden ... delicious ... all ...
 and personalized with the name of my blog ... what more could you ask? 
thanks ............. thanks ...............

Cristina asked me what was the thing he liked most to my daughter. 
And the thing that she like are the tractors! She loves tractors! 
This shirt is full of beautiful details ... is so cute! and the name of Carlota! 
And number 2 because she will make 2 years this summer! 
thanks .......... thanks ..............

Goes without saying that Carlota was delighted with the gift! 
You sure did you hear their cries of joy! 
Even before to deploy the t-shirt already she saw the tractors!
Thanks, Cris, too says  Carlota!

The truth .... I cried with emotion .... we do not know personally but I would love ... 
if one day I spend near your home  I'm sure that I  will come to see you!

Many thanks, Cris ....

And you? you want to enter a Giveaway for the 100,000 visits? 
Remeber that you have time until Thursday to leave a comment. 
Click here!!!!

Kisses for you all!

And thanks for visit me in my world of wool!

Giveaway of 100.000 visits / sorteig de les 100.000 visites / sorteo de las 100.000 visitas

 The blog has surpassed 100,000 visits!!  This should be celebrated! 
By courtesy of of  DMC,  
my world of wool will give away this batch skeins of cotton. 

The colors are so sweet ...! What do you think? want to participate in the Giveaway? 
Only need to leave a comment on this post and say what they would do 
with these colors so wonderful...

You should also leave an email address to contact you if you win the Giveaway. 
Good luck to everyone!

You can leave a comment until Thursday, June 20. 
If I can I will perform the Giveaway on Thursday ... 
If I do not have time will be Friday!

Many thanks for stop here for a while...

thanks... thanks....

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

a bag for my mother

Tomorrow is the birthday of my mother and I have made 
a handbag and a dressing case... If not for that  I have to go too fast 
it would have been better ... 
 I show you some photos of the process!

Now I enjoy with the selection of fabrics, I cut with cutter and with a base 
and I go very quickly! someday I will suffer an accident and I will cut finger.... 
ever happened to you...?????

I wanted to put two inside pockets for mom so that it is easier to find things! 
I also can not lacking the mark, right? 
What joy to sew something for my mum!

I have in mind the theme the iron .... but with the wadding I always suffered ... 
there is no way that matches the fabric once I sewed the zipper! 
But.... and still the disasters I feel like a real a seamstress! jajajajajajajajaja!!

I also love the handbags they carry inside pockets .... 
I always go with big handbags and, if it not have pockets, 
everything is lost in there ....

I love sew the logo in my works...

My first handbag is for my mother!

There are many mistakes but I'm happy that it become... 
I will remember always this handbag.... 

And I will remember my first applique! 
You see the picture??????? 
I thought something strange was happening ...
I was sewing in reverse!!!!!!! 
Luckily I corrected in time ....
I forgot  what mama told me a few weeks ago ....

I am happy with my first applique!
I draw too the heart, really!

I've also done a dressing case for the handbag. 
She has not yet received the gift .... 
but I know that she do not see here on the blog until I show you it! 
I want that it be a surprise...

And a friend.... today she is my model!

The girl woke up when I still had not finished the handbag.
I wanted to go fast and I made mistakes.
The girl woke up when I still had not finished the dressing case.
I wanted to go fast and I made mistakes.
Definitely: if I can not finish the work  is better that I stops me!
if not, after is full of errors and not go straight seams ....
well, a little disaster...

I promise you the next handbag will be better​​...

Happy Birthday, mum!!!!!!

You can see the tutorials which I trust   ( here and here )  but, in the end,
 I modify either intentionally or because I'm wrong...!
Moltes gràcies, Cris per la teva generositat!

Thank you for stopping here for a while! You make me many happy!
My world of wool surpassed 100,000 visits!
incredible .......... awesome ........