Tuesday, June 4, 2013

a bag for my mother

Tomorrow is the birthday of my mother and I have made 
a handbag and a dressing case... If not for that  I have to go too fast 
it would have been better ... 
 I show you some photos of the process!

Now I enjoy with the selection of fabrics, I cut with cutter and with a base 
and I go very quickly! someday I will suffer an accident and I will cut finger.... 
ever happened to you...?????

I wanted to put two inside pockets for mom so that it is easier to find things! 
I also can not lacking the mark, right? 
What joy to sew something for my mum!

I have in mind the theme the iron .... but with the wadding I always suffered ... 
there is no way that matches the fabric once I sewed the zipper! 
But.... and still the disasters I feel like a real a seamstress! jajajajajajajajaja!!

I also love the handbags they carry inside pockets .... 
I always go with big handbags and, if it not have pockets, 
everything is lost in there ....

I love sew the logo in my works...

My first handbag is for my mother!

There are many mistakes but I'm happy that it become... 
I will remember always this handbag.... 

And I will remember my first applique! 
You see the picture??????? 
I thought something strange was happening ...
I was sewing in reverse!!!!!!! 
Luckily I corrected in time ....
I forgot  what mama told me a few weeks ago ....

I am happy with my first applique!
I draw too the heart, really!

I've also done a dressing case for the handbag. 
She has not yet received the gift .... 
but I know that she do not see here on the blog until I show you it! 
I want that it be a surprise...

And a friend.... today she is my model!

The girl woke up when I still had not finished the handbag.
I wanted to go fast and I made mistakes.
The girl woke up when I still had not finished the dressing case.
I wanted to go fast and I made mistakes.
Definitely: if I can not finish the work  is better that I stops me!
if not, after is full of errors and not go straight seams ....
well, a little disaster...

I promise you the next handbag will be better​​...

Happy Birthday, mum!!!!!!

You can see the tutorials which I trust   ( here and here )  but, in the end,
 I modify either intentionally or because I'm wrong...!
Moltes gràcies, Cris per la teva generositat!

Thank you for stopping here for a while! You make me many happy!
My world of wool surpassed 100,000 visits!
incredible .......... awesome ........


  1. Uuyaaau quins regals més xulos per la teva mare!! T'han quedat genial i les teles que has fet servir són suuuuupee alegres i mooolt encertades!!
    La nança del bolso és moníssima!! No hi falta detall!! Inclòs el cor aplicat a ma es diví!
    Un petonàs guapa

  2. Oooh preciós, quina mà que tens ja amb la màquina no m'estranya. La teva mare estarà súper contenta!,, m'ha donat una idea de bolso. Jeje Doncs res que m'ha encantar. Ah!, i a mi també m'agraden les teus comentarios jején. Petons

  3. ohhh cristina, a tu madre le va a encantar! es precioso...precioso, y el color verde del neceser con ese corazon de florecitas es super bonito, yo no veo ningún error te han quedado geniales, eres una artista con las agujas y con la costura!
    Mil besos guapa!

  4. Beautiful bags and gorgeous fabrics! I'm sure your mother will be delighted with your wonderful gifts!
    Helen x

  5. Cris, t'ha quedat preciòs i segur que a ta mare li encanta. A més una mare SEMPRE disfruta amb unregal fet a mà dels seus fills. La meva mare encara té algun cendrer de fang de quan era petita, jeje


  6. Yes!!! Your mum will have a big smile on her face!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  7. Dear Cristina! Such a beautiful and thoughtful gift :) One only which a daughter can do and only a mom can appreciate.. Its very pretty especially the print of the butterfly and the crown on the bag. Your label looks great! Hope you mom enjoys it as much as you enjoyed making it dear..

    Love from me :)

  8. M'encanta la tela del bolso i el bolso una monada de tamany, forma... m'encanta! i el necesser...amb el cor genial! Petons

  9. Good morning! I found you from a comment you left on another blog. I really like the blog, you have very good ideas. What I like most is that it has instructions in English although it is not the language of your writing. I have a blog too but I don't have many more things and neither option translation. I will put it and will be very happy if you run for a visit and there!

  10. Ooooooooooooh nena!! però quina monada per favor!!! t'ha quedat precios!!! I quina currada de bolso i necesser!!! I la tela de papallones és una cucada!!! I la nansa amb les floretes hi queda que ni pintat!! és precios!!!! Felicitats per la feina feta!!!! petons guapa!!!

  11. Hola, Cristina!

    Que xulíssims la bossa i l'estotget. Si jo fos la teva mare t'ompliria de petons per un regal així. Jo també vaig provar de fer-ne un amb les indicacions de la Cristina de No paris de cosir. Quan acabi el curs i les correccions, ja t'ensenyaré com em va quedar.
    Gràcies per seguir inspirant-nos. Lourdes dsd Corbera de Llobregat.
    Un petó!

  12. T'han quedat molt xulos!! Les teles són molt boniques i t'ha quedat molt bé. Segur que la teva mare estarà encantada.
    Ah! Vigila amb el cutter!, je, je,
    Una abraçada.

  13. Cristina, però quina passada de bolso amb necesser!!! T'ha quedat preciós! Quins regals per la teva mare, segur que els hi ha encantat! Ja pots ben dir que ets una artista de la costura!
    Un petó gran guapi!

  14. beautiful blog! I follow you!!!!

  15. Ohhh Cristina!! Quin regalàs!!! Maquíssim :)). Les robes són molt finetes. I el cor aplicat li dóna el seu toc!
    Una abraçada!

  16. Hi Cristina, the bag for your mom is very pretty. Only you can see errors. Others see the beauty and craftsmanship you have put into the project. Your mom will love it always, I am a mom and I know that I love any gifts from my kids.

  17. Nenaaaa què atrevida que ets, dos dies més i seràs una costurera experta !!
    T'ha quedat genial i puc imaginar-me lo contenta que devia d'estar la teva mare quan va obrir el regal !! Molt xulo... i molts ànims, estàs fent molts avenços costurils !!
    1 petó

  18. quina preciositat Cristina! la meva sogra m'ha demanat que li faci un d'aquests i el teu em serveix d'inspiració!




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