Friday, June 14, 2013

a dressing case of sewing, t-shirt and many lovely things

What is so great my happiness! 
Yesterday once again the postman brought me a package full of beautiful things! 
Thank you, Cristina!

 You remember my second exchange with Cristina's blog "Do not stop sewing", in catalan "no paris de cosir" (here) ??? I few days ago I sent this cowl / scarf that you can see (here) on your blog , and she, in exchange sent me this .... 
Thanks, Cris .... thank you ....

And always deliciously wrapped everything ... I love these washi tape!

Look ... take a look ... and I hope you enjoy with so many beautiful things!

People who follow your blog already know that Cristina is a very, very retailer... 
thanks ................. thanks ..................

 Everything is so beautiful that it hurts me even open the package!
Here , 42 Squares 100% Cotton for sewing.... 
thanks....... thanks........

The sewing dressing case is fantastic .... I love fabrics and written letters! 
And the little button wooden ... delicious ... all ...
 and personalized with the name of my blog ... what more could you ask? 
thanks ............. thanks ...............

Cristina asked me what was the thing he liked most to my daughter. 
And the thing that she like are the tractors! She loves tractors! 
This shirt is full of beautiful details ... is so cute! and the name of Carlota! 
And number 2 because she will make 2 years this summer! 
thanks .......... thanks ..............

Goes without saying that Carlota was delighted with the gift! 
You sure did you hear their cries of joy! 
Even before to deploy the t-shirt already she saw the tractors!
Thanks, Cris, too says  Carlota!

The truth .... I cried with emotion .... we do not know personally but I would love ... 
if one day I spend near your home  I'm sure that I  will come to see you!

Many thanks, Cris ....

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Kisses for you all!

And thanks for visit me in my world of wool!


  1. Ohhhhhhhh Cris....estic plorant d'emoció...que contenta q estic que us hagi agradat tot, molt contenta!!!! Pq ho he fet tot amb moltissima il.lusio. És tot un plaer haver-me creuat amb tu guapa...aquest cop no t'he avisat del paquet perque volia q fos tot sorpresa, TOT!!!! Un petonas per tu i un per aquesta princesa dels tractors tan guapa q tens. Muaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. beautiful little t-shirt!!!!
    happy weekend, xxxx Ale

  3. Aquesta aquesta Cris és una crack, uns regals preciosos es clar que eteu contentes. Amb el que valores tu aquests coses. ;). Un petó guapa.

  4. uahuuu...!!! quins regals; l'estoig de costura és meravellós, m'encanta; gràcies per compartir aquelles coses boniques, que vius, feliç diumenge!!!

  5. Com no havien de ser de la Cris!!!! quins regals...mare meva... segur que t'han encantat.... ara a disfrutar-los! Petons

  6. Most delicious gift too receive from one who loves you even though you haven't met in real life. The Internet is the best invention ever for making friends and sharing gifts and crafts and skills.

  7. Quins regalasos aquesta la Cristina!!!! La Carlota està moníssima, i amb aquesta samarreta encara més!
    Un petó guapa!

  8. Cristina... quins regals més bonics !!! El teu estoig per les cosetes de cosir és genial i taaaan mono ... i la samarreta de la Carlota és la bomba de divertida i xula, quan no li vagi bé, en pots fer un quadre !! Es que m'encanta la samarreta... devia de flipar amb tants dibuixets !!
    Aquesta Cristina és la bomba oi ? Els paquetets i tot són una xulada amb tants detallets i notetes... bé, són coses d'aquelles que ens agraden tant i fan pena obrir els regalets i tot !!
    1 petó

  9. Quina passadaaaaaa!!! Carai ara ja estàs full equiped to sewing!! Jejejeje la samarreta també m'encantaaa!!
    Aquesta Cris val un imperi...


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