Wednesday, June 26, 2013

crochet garland for Arya

Finally I can show  a crocheted work ...  
for many days that I not show you any work! 
Here is a garland of crochet. A garland of crochet for Sara, 
who won the  Birthday's Giveaway (see the Giveaway here )
The Giveaway's winner  had to choose a theme for the garland 
and Sara chose the name of his daughter Arya. 
I hope you like it, Sara! Come on!

To make crocheted garland I worked with  thread
"NATURA Just Cotton" of  DMC
has a variety of color and I love them all ... 
Here I have chosen three colors: pink, blue and yellow. 
I think that all three colors are great for a room  a baby ...
you do not think the same...?

I use a crochet hook 2.2 mm but can work well with 3 mm crochet hook, 
you already know that I work with low tension and I always choose hooks 
below the recommended by the manufacturer .....

Look how good it looks on the wall! I love crocheted garlands...  
but I have not done yet a crocheted garland with the name of my daughter... 
This error has to be repaired ... the next garland that I will do be for my daughter!!!

I like to make a circle in square! I looooooooooooove it.............
And I think that way the letters look  very well............

Look! I used washi tape to hang the crocheted garland on the wall. It works great! 
You can change the place of garland in a jiffy! and need not drill the wall!

You like it?
And you, Sara? What do you think? You Like it?

And you, already have a garland of crochet? Wait no more!
It's fun and there are so many messages to choose ...
the name of your children...  love... happy birthday...
 millions of beautiful words!

Many thanks for all your kind comments and thanks for visiting
my world of wool!!!!


  1. Hola me ha encantado tu blog, he compartido uno de tus tutoriales en mi face, Gracias. Saludos.

  2. Cristina m'encanten aquestes bandarolesvue fas em tornen boja! Felicitats t'ha quedat genial. Un petó.

  3. Queden maquíssimes aquestes garlandes, molt xules!

  4. OOOOHHH NENA!!! ets una ARTISTA!!! molt bonica!!! he vist el teu correu!!! sorry que vaig de bòlit!!! però sísisisisisiisis fem l'intercanvi!!!!! quina ilu!!!! un petó gran gran guapa

  5. Uuuaau cristina quin passada!!!!
    M'encanta m'encanta!!! Trobo que les banderoles de ganxet són molt més boniques que les de tela..
    Un petoneeet

  6. Cristina !! ja saps que són una fan de les teves garlandes de ganxet !! I aquesta m'encanta amb aquests colors i sobre la paret encara llueix molt més !
    1 petó

  7. Que boniiiiic!!! queda una passada!!! I amb aquest fons de paret, no vegis!! monissim nena!!! (ja queda poc per acabar el teu intercanvi....jejeje)

  8. Quina passada de guirnalda!!! m'encanta la combinació dels colors que has triat i posada a la paret amb aquest color queda G E N I A L!!! petons

  9. Me encanta tu blog! Te sigo y te invito a conocer mi espacio creativo

  10. Ohhhhhhh, que bonica...m'encanten totes les garlandes que fas!!!! I amb cotons natura....ohhhhh...em xiflen! Molt bona feina Cris!!! Muaaaaaaacks!!!!!

  11. Em sembla una idea genial aquesta garlanda de ganxet personalitzada. És genial!!

  12. Que bonitas cristina!! y los colores son muy alegres y bonitos,queda genial y decorativo
    un beso guapa

  13. Cristina,

    Quina banderola més bonica!!! Em sembla que et copiaré l'idea, la troba impressionant!!!

    Bon estiu!


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