Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a bracelet made with yarns

One day, when you not have time but  you have a desire to create something  
maybe a happen things like this... A simple bracelet made ​​of yarns...

The other day when I finished the garland of crochet my daughter is still sleeping 
and I take short time  for do this summer bracelet...

You need three yarns and you make a braid with each. 
After the three braids again make a braid. 
It is so simple!

 Sometimes the simplest things make you feel great happiness...

When my daughter woke up she immediately realize that I was wearing the bracelet....  
and you can imagine what happened... really...

Here she attempts to put shoes Lulo ... 
Some days ago she likes to dress dolls, she not ever had done until now 
but she  enjoys doing this!

Do not throw any threads! Everything can be recycled and reused! 
Let your imagination fly! 
Make yarn bracelets is a great way to recycle yarns that exceeded . 
You see: with little time can also be creative!

Thanks for all your kind comments! 

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  1. Cute bracelet!! :)That's right to recycle everything. I also use them to make friendship bands. My daughter need tons of those on friendship day and it is just a waste of money buying them when we crocheters know how to make :)
    Also, similar to TUSAL, I collect light and dark Colored scraps separately and then use them for small stuffed creations too. No matter how much we recycle but even if done a bit, it makes us happy :) isn't it?

  2. Te ha quedado monísima.....yo hice algunas para mi nieta el verano pasado de otro punto y con botones bonitos para adornar,pero esta forma es más sencilla y se ve bien bonita y vistosa.
    Me encanta la idea.

  3. A veces las cosas más sencillas son las mas bonitas cristina, me encanta la pulsera y los colores, me imagino a tu peque al despertar y verla en su bracito! que graciosa! esta muy bien que reciclemos y esta es una idea estupenda, yo me pienso hacer algunas para mi!
    muchos besos guapa!

  4. Matching mother and daughter bracelets - great idea, and they are really cute. :)

  5. I have to do some!!!!! thanks,
    xxxxx Ale

  6. És una monadaaa!! Thanks per la idea bonica!!

  7. Quina monada Cris....i la Carlota porta la meva samarreta!!!! Jijijiji, quina ilusio que em fa.....gràcies!!!! Muaks!!!!!!

  8. Que bonita, Cristina. Love the colors put together like that. It looks like gelato.


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