Friday, July 19, 2013

combining fabric and crochet in dresses

One thing is sure: either I spend hours looking the blogs 
with fantastic works or I do more hours crocheting and sewing ... 
I like both but ...  if I do a one...  I can not do the second!!!

So a few days I have not been so attached to the machine and I have worked a little... 
maybe I'll have to make a schedule and look at internet only a few moments ... 
I do not know ...

I have made two dresses for Carlota with combining  fabric with crochet. 
I hope you like it! Come on!

This was the first time I sewed a dress ...
Perhaps this is not very symmetrical ...
the next was best...

And this crocheted dress was also the first thing I did ...
you will see what happened ...

Both dresses are made of 100% cotton. Fabric and yarn.
The yarn is DMC  brand and is a delight! 
light and very soft to the touch! Ideal for clothing! 
This time I have worked with 3mm crochet hook and I think like this is going very well.

First I did this job for a crochet dress, but as I'm so brave and determined, 
I did not take measurements and ... it turned out to be huge!!!
 but I was sorry to undo so much work ... 
and I decided to make another one but this time I have made some measurements ...

And I decide to put buttons so you can modify the dress size a little ... just in case!

Here's the before and after! 
I love these fabrics designs and the colors ...

You will have noticed the disaster??? 
You see what  difference in sizes!!!!!!
 The green is huge! huge! huuuuuuuuuuuuge!!!!

However this  crocheted fabric dress fits perfect! 
Today it has been premiered! 
And if for time cool a cotton shirt with short sleeves below looks very nice too!

Yesterday I ended up sewing  night, very late ... As always sleep late! 
And this morning after breakfast we have made photoshoot! 
Carlota is not have combing hair and she have sleepy...
but... she liked  crocheted fabric dress that have made her mom!

I love the crochet dress with the lambs ... I looooooove.... looooove... 
could be a top for me...????????? shame!!! impossible!!! 
I shall have to keep in the closet for Carlota for next spring ...

For make these two dresses, as always, I have not used any pattern ... 
you already know that I've always improvise ...  

I sew crochet and fabric with sewing machine...
 is not very polished idea but... I like my sewing machine!

I confess that I enjoyed to make these two creations. 
And  for many days I did not I used the sewing machine 
and yesterday I had a great time sewing...
Finally something I do for my daughter...!

Enjoy the holidays and be creative! There are so many things to do ... 
Enjoy! Take advantage of the summer holidays! 

 Thanks for visit me in my world of wool and thanks for your comments! 



for animal dress fabric size: 42 x 140 centimeters
for sheep  dress fabric size : 55 x 120 centimeters


  1. Those are very lovely dresses, Cristina!! Great job!:)
    I have tried sewing machine with crochet items but it becomes too thick and doesn't sew smoothly. Is there any special technique that you follow?

    1. Hello, dear Preeti!
      I can not follow any special technique to sew sew because I do not know sew! I just use the normal stitch ... I do not know if that can translate well into English ... You know, normal sewing items! I can not tell you anything ... I sew only "normal" on crochet ... I spent three times above the crocheting with the sewing machine ... I it could be help you a bit with this? Thanks for visiting me!

  2. So wonderful that you design your own works and not follow patterns. I have tried patterns and they just don't work for me either. I start with an idea and then I let it flow from there; none of my quilts have a pattern or even a real idea of what they will be when finished. Organic - that's how I think of it, dynamic and ever-changing. You did a superb job with these two little dresses for Baby Girl.

  3. This is absolutely gorgeous, I'm learning to crochet at the moment, it's not going so well, but I did work out what I was doing wrong! So that's a start right? I was just telling my mom the other day I would like to crochet edges on my pillow cases, and here I see your blog and you have gorgeous yarn on dresses!
    Beautiful work!

  4. she is so cute in her new dresses!!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  5. Per favor Cristina!!!! Són una preciositat, i la Carlota està moníssima!!! Quines galtes que té, per mossegar-la!!!
    Mira agafo en sentit positiu, ja tens roba per l'any que ve!!
    Un petó ben gran!

  6. Ostres Cristina,
    Quina forma tant espectacular de fusionar la passió del ganxet amb la costura!

    Moltes felicitats!


  7. Nenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! quina monada per favor!!!! m'encanten m'encanten!!! I les teles??? son una monada!! no les havia vist mai aquests estampats! d'on son???
    Tots dos son monissims!!! I el verd és gran, sí... però mira, ja el tindràs fet per l'any que ve!!! ;)
    Felicitats guapa! son preciosos els dos!!

  8. Cris!!!!! Són preciosooooooooooooos!!!!!!!! El verd li guardes per l'any que ve i ja està!!! M'encanteeeeeeeeeeeennnnnnnn, moooooooolt!!!!! Nena si envies les fotos als del blog del DMC segur que te les pengen! He vist que pengen coses que la gent fa amb els cotons natura ;) Felicitats guapa per aquestes labors tan, tan, tan boniques i creatives! Muacks!!!!!!!

  9. Super, super xulos! No sé quin dels dos m'agrada més. Fins i tot me'n faria un per mi. Jajajaja!

  10. Molts vestits així havia tingut jo de petita.
    La mama feia la part de ganxet i la iaia la de roba.
    eren preciosos
    i jo no n'he fet perque he tingut dos nens, snif snif... i la part de cosir no se'm dona gaire bé...

    enhorabona! m'agraden molt

  11. Están bellisimos los dos vestidos!!! Tu hija se mira divina con esos vestidos de algodón, los cuales se ven muy frescos y perfectos para el verano.

  12. Cristina, la nena està preciosa amb aquests vestits, t'han quedat molt bonics, m'encanta la roba d'animalons.


  13. This is so beautiful !!
    How clever !!

    1. Gorgeous blog ! You have a new follower :)

  14. Uns vestits preciosos amb uns colors molt encertats !!!!


  15. Hola Cristina!! Quins vestits més bonics! He estat mirant el teu blog i fas unes coses genials!! Enhorabona!!

  16. Cristina! Quina xuladaaaaa! I la Carlota està preciosa sense pentinar!
    El vestit verd ja l'aprofitaràs ja...aquests vestits són ideals, si van a la mida són perfectes i quan es fan petits, serveixen de bluseta! L'any vinent lo quedarà perfecte!

  17. Que bonica que està la Carlota amb els seus vestidets !! Nena, no et frena res, ara vestits i tot !! estas imparable ... no vull ni pensar tot el que faràs després de les súper-vacancetes hehehehe
    1 petó

  18. Podez escribir el patron de vestida?


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