Friday, July 12, 2013

the old chicks for Carlota

 Remember the previous post (here) I showed you a cover cushion that I made for Laura??? 
You remember I told you that we had done an exchange?? 
Now,  I have already received my part interchange!!

Postman was fast and yesterday I received this package so well wrapped ... 
see you that it is beautiful a tag with a handwritten message ...

I had asked him for Carlota's chicks but she also gave me a dressing case for me... 
is so cute ...

With this image you can imagine why my daughter is so great and weighs ... 
I do not know ... very much!

I it difficult to do the photo shoot ... because she wanted her chicks! 
is normal! Sure is! chicks were for her!

 Laura, you do not  know what happiness so great for my daughter! 
was a magical moment!  thanks ... thanks ... thanks ....

The chicks have a soft feel and is fun for them and get them out of the shell ...
there are four that have come out of his shell and two that unborn ...

All are beautiful but chick with a pink bow  look so sweet... 

 Last week my mother in law gave this basket for Carlota. 
She stitched the inner lining and the handles for it make it more enjoyable.
It's beautiful, right? So we have a place to keep eggs and chicks! is perfect!

With the arrival of warm weather we have decided to buy
and have installed a swimming pool on the terrace. I have a few plants ...
the hail storm has damaged many plants and my daughter
with their  intensive irrigation has ruined the other plants...
she wants to irrigate flowers all day ...
she is happy with the pool, a watering of Ikea
(she loooooove the watering ...), water hose and her chicks ...

These are days of happiness ...
I observe and sometimes I  frightened, speed that grows my dear daughter ...
she is a baby growing up strong, healthy and happy ... 

Thanks Laura for make more happier at my daughter... 
thanks ... thanks ... thanks...
And you can see that she has posted on her blog lua-laura here

I enjoy my daughter's before she starts nursery school in September ...
she wants to see children, she looove the children ...
 maybe she will be happy ... but I think that I'll  to cry  a lot the first few days...
although only three hours separate us...! mother's love, we say ...

I wish you have a good summer and a good weekend! 

Thanks for visiting my world of wool!


  1. Mare de deu senyor!!!! Quina passada! Quin post tant i tant bonic! No saps la ilusio q em fa veure la teva filla com juga amb els pollets! Es nota q li encanten! Em fas molt feliç, de debo!!! Mil gracies de nou per aquest post tant i tant bonic! Un petonas guapa!! I a disfrutar de la petita, esta preciosa!! Muackssssss

  2. The little chicks are so cute - it's good to see that Carlota loves playing with them. :)

  3. Cute chicks!! :) nice to see you are having a nice time with your daughter!

  4. Yes, watching and encouraging them to grow is bittersweet--I love babies and yet they worm their way into my love and become such precious members of my heart-family. Love the eggs and the little carton that fits so sweetly into the basket.

  5. Oooooohhh!!! Quina monada la carlota!!! I aquests ouets!!!! Mmmmmmmm la lua és una artistassa!!! Q els disfrutis molt guapa! Un pto gran gran

  6. Aquesta ous i pollets de la Lúa són una pasada i el cabàs que li ha fet la teva mare una cucadeta. La Carlota està guapísima. Un petó.

    1. Hola, Anna!El cabàs l'ha fet la meva sogra! jajajaja!!!
      sí, és mooooolt bonic! Gràcies!!!!

  7. adorable chicks!!! your daughter, too!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  8. Los pollitos están divinos...y las fotos de tu hija son adorables.
    Un cariñoso saludo, Ana BC

  9. Quina monada de pollets i d'ous!!!
    Que contenta que està la teva nena!! Visca els intercanvis! Així es coneixen persones encantadores amb les mateixes inquietuds oi!?
    Molts petonets

  10. Són genials aquests pollets!!! La Lua és una artista!
    Veig que la Carlota també els hi agrada, és clar!!! A qui no?!!!
    Un petó ben fort!

  11. Your little girl is so adorable! The chicks are the most wonderful gift! How lovely to play with them and carry the egg box in that sweet basket!
    Helen x

  12. Quines fotos més maques! La Carlota està guapíssima! I els ous són brutals...quina mà té la Lua!!! La foto amb els ous al cistells és boníssima :)))). Quina passada d'intercanvis!

  13. Precioso trabajo Cristina, es de lo mas original ¡Y la niña está monísima!
    Gracias por tu visita, yo siempre que tengo un ratito no puedo dejar de visitarte... Besos!


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