Friday, July 26, 2013

two bags with applique and zipper

Hello, dear readers! it is  good  summer for you? 
Are you working on your craft? With crochet? with sewing? 

Now, last two days I have made two bags with two applique. 
They are for give away ... I can not say who will be the recipient! it's a secret!
I've discovered that I really like sewing a applique! 
Here for you two bags with appliques!

Yesterday after lunch while the girl slept I made these two applique. 
I enjoyed a few hours , really! great pleasure with needle and thread!

I also enjoy with drawing  in a cardstock the moon and the cloud. 
First I thought I could put eyes and mouth but I finally decided 
on a more pure and not so childish design...

I am happy with my appliques! I want to make t-shirts for my daughter! 
I can not wait! I looooooove to sew appliques!

And a pink zipper ....

And a yellow zipper ....

And my brand .... Sure!
my world of wool!!!

Again I going to  blog of  Cristina ( here )
for follow your tutorial. Thanks again, Cristina! 
The zippers are best than the first!
The two bags with applique measure 20x25 centimeters.

And on the 24th of July was the day of my Holy ....

And the man of the house give me this beautiful bouquet ... 
with these beautiful yellow color, right? 
I adore the natual flowers ... would never have a  artificial bouquet at home!
never... never... never...

And I go on a holiday with the family in early August ... 
I need a little rest and disconnect the blog .... Network Internnet ... 
the computer in general .... I need a few days of relaxation and family life ....

Wait for me! will return in September!

 And within a few days I will be an aunt again! 

Congratulations to all those who call Ana! 
today is the day of your holy! 

Kisses from Catalonia! 
someday will be free ... someday .... 

Freedom for Catalonia! 

And Good summer for you!

See you soon!

Bye! Bye!


  1. Cris !!!

    nenaaaaa, com has progressat amb les cremalleres...t'han quedat de fàbula els dos estoigs.La roba que has triat m'agrada molt i les aplicacions molt bé !!! Passa-t'ho molt bé a les teves vacancetes en familia que te les mereixes i vine amb les piles a tope per fer moltes coses per ensenyar-les !!!
    1 petó

  2. Guapaaaaaaaaa!!!! Que orgullosa que estic d'aquestes cremalleres!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! Súper bé Cris!!!!!! M'encanta la tela de lletres, i les aplicacions, UNA MONADA!!!!! I quin punt de festó tan ben fet!!!! Et felicito guapa, de veritat!!!!! Un súper petó i molt bones vacances!!!!!!! Muacks!!!!!

  3. lovely purses!!!
    enjoy your holidays, xxxx ale

  4. Están muy lindos y además son muy útiles para guardar el maquillaje y las cositas que siempre se pierden en los bolsos...

  5. Quina preciositat!! T'han quedat xulíssims!!

  6. Carai quines cremalleres més ben posadetes eeh!! Ets una artistassa.. Ara no hi ha qui et freni...
    Molt bon estiu i Visca Catalunya!!

  7. Ohh, Cristina quina passada de necessers, m'encanten. Ah! Moltes Felicitats pel teu Sant. Quin ram més bònic, jijiji a mi també me'n han regalat un. Vagi molt i molt bé les vacances. I si Freedom for Catalalonia. Un petó guapa i bones vacances.


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