Friday, August 30, 2013

doudous, pacifiers holders and applique for t-shirt

I'm back to being aunt! Olau was born on Monday! 
I knew what I want to carry  a detail to my little nephew in the hospital: 
a doudou! I know that babies love it, right? 
Look you my first doudou with tapes!

When I gave her, but I saw a manufacturing error .... 
I have not stitched the stitching inside the letter "O"!!! What  error....! 
Still, this gift will liked very much to my sister Anna!

And I also made ​​another doudou for Marina,
 a cousin who had his first son,  Marçal. This time I make only the initials. 
Do you like? Still I have not given the gift 
but I think she does not know the existence of my blog! jajajajaja!

And I made ​​another mistake! I also made two pacifiers holders 
with  tractors fabric .... and I  not  think take pictures!!
 What a disaster .... were my first pacifiers holders..... 
I promise you that I will do photos in the next time! 

You can find tutorials on how to do 

The Olau has a bigger brother, Alguer, and he tell me 
that I make a t-shirt with a rocket for him.
 Well here is my first applique for a t-shirt! 
I love make applique on to fabrics! it is a pure relaxing for me! 
I loooooooooooove it!

I see different templates on Internet and, finally, I made this rocket 
with to take an idea here and a idea there ....
 I looooooooove drawing my own templates! yes!

And  again I used washi tape to wrap gifts 
and make my own greeting cards. Too bad ... I not had crayons ... 
would have been better, right ...? sorry .....

And these days I'm preparing to start of school....... 
My daughter  goes Monday for the first time in school..... 
she is a baby who wants to see children........ Yes, of course........ 
she looooove the kids and she will play and meet needs children her age............. 
will be the first time in two years that we have this physical separation........ 
no family for her........ only teachers and children 
that she does not know nothing...... 
I'm worried......... and a little sad......... 
I hope everything goes well........ 
Monday I will tell you how was her first day of school! 

I wish you have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 22, 2013

crocheted head bands

You will remember the head bands I did last year? (You can see here and here ).
Well....  this year I have made two more crocheted head bands.

 Júlia is the daughter of a my friend  and one day  when she come to our house
fell in love with the crocheted head bands  of last year.
And I promised that I will do for her!

I worked with 3mm crochet hook and once again with Natura Just Cotton 
of DMC brand. It was perfect for small crafts like these!

Though they live very close to us, I send the head bands in an envelope by mail ...
 his mother told me that she got very happy to see that there was a letter for it!

To make  crocheted head band in blue I used crochet granny stitch.  
And to make crocheted head band in pink I have used treble crochet stitch 
(U.S. Terminology). Then I added a crocheted flower and a crocheted heart. 
That's it! Easy, right? You can see the tutorial here

I like these little crochet work ..........
And you, what type of head band you prefer?
the blue or the pink?

Thanks for visiting me in my world of wool!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

T-shirt with applique and birthday's crown

Once again I have joy thanks to another blog! This time the interchange 
was with Montse of blog " les mil i una idees " ( here )

She asked me  I did him a carpet .... (Do not worry, Montse!! I start this carpet in September!!) And I asked  a crown for my daughter's birthday. Look! Look! one day in which I could take some pictures! yesterday, with the party birthday, with many kids fro ... impossible!

Everything had wrapped in a big box! How  excitement! and the biggest surprise yet! 
There are another gift in the box!

A beautiful crown for the second anniversary  and.........
what is this ..........? what is this ............?

The t-shirt that Carlota carried in the pictures!
that beautiful! This application is very well sewn, Montse! 
is perfect! super! it is so cute!  incredibly perfect....... 

I looooooooooooooooooove it! and the crown too!
Today she wears this t- shirt on  the morning
and walking on the street and taught this witch to everyone!

Many thanks, Montse ...........
a detail so cute the crocheted flowers in the crown .........
and fabrics are also wonderful ....
everything is beautiful .... beautiful ....
thanks .... thanks ..... thanks ..... thanks ......

You do not yet know Montse's blog?? visit here!!!! sure you will love!

Thanks for your kind comments!!

And we have over 200 followers on Pinterest!! 
thank you!!!

holidays and the Birthday Carlota

We went to few days in Maià de Moncalt (Girona )
and we have stayed in this beautiful house:

La Fustana ( here )  a house of hardwood made ​​by the same owners. 
Some days with my daughter and my husband in  La Garrotxa ( here )

A loooooooooovely place..................

A charming beech forest and especacular.............

Santa Pau (here)  a lovely place ...................................

With cycling near Maià de Moncalt .....................

Resting ....................

Relaxation and swimming pools.............

 Besalú ( here ) a beautiful medieval village ....

we saw it on many  balconies and windows!

A lovely place too............

You guess what person enjoyed and she had a great time..............?

And did a couple of dinners with friends,
that even though we see us once a year we love us very ...

And on the return trip I was entertained with  my stuff ..... 

Catalonia has a wonderful and beautiful places to explore.
I invite you to visit my little country!

And today August 19, my daughter has done two years ...
time goes by fast ... very fast .....
we have a birthday party, all very familiar.
The children have enjoyed the small pool and Carlota she enjoyed with the children.
Children currents up and down, noisy, chaotic and fun!

As always ... it not good pictures of the birthday of my daughter ...
I prepare eat up and down and I not have time to photograph the party...
I can only teach you the cake I make! Strawberry!

I'm sorry but .............. not anything left! !

Thanks for visiting my world of wool and 
kisses from Catalonia!!!!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

girl dresses made ​​of fabric and crochet

Hello dear readers! I return back to normal life and I return to be here! You have good holidays? you're still on vacation? you go on vacation soon?

Slowly I will show what I have done these past few days. Soon the summer will end... September...  I think this is the beginning of the year ...

We begin! Today I will show two more dress combining fabric and crochet... I enjoy the moment I made these two dresses for Carlota ( you can see here ) that I have made two more this summer! Combining fabric and crochet in dresses is a great idea for summer.
You do one?

This model is similar to the previous but has changed the color of the wool and fabric color. I also put two buttons of different colors.

In this one I added a lace tape and I used t-shirt yarn strips, to give a more style sailor  like the fabric that I have used.

The fabrics are 100% cotton and yarn too. I again used the yarn of the brand DMC  model Natura Just Cotton. They are very good to make these dresses, softs and sweets! I have worked with 3 mm crochet hook.

At first I wanted to use  blue t-shirt  yarn but eventually I figured it best to red colour. It is much cheers, right?

The fabric is shorter in this dress and it seems a blouse. I assure you: my daughter was a  beautiful girl  with a pants of white thread  the day she premiered this dress! 
a lovely set to dress!

Sometimes to do a photo shoot is not easy work....

But the next day he gave me a few precious moments!

These dresses are perfect for now: fresh and sweets and  perfect for  removing the diapers for my daughter. She is quite a little woman! Next monday birthday... two years old ...

Thank you for your visits and your kind comments!

I want to welcome the new followers of the blog!
I wish you you  enjoy a happy time in my world of wool! 

thank you!

Have a great and happy weekend!