Thursday, August 22, 2013

crocheted head bands

You will remember the head bands I did last year? (You can see here and here ).
Well....  this year I have made two more crocheted head bands.

 Júlia is the daughter of a my friend  and one day  when she come to our house
fell in love with the crocheted head bands  of last year.
And I promised that I will do for her!

I worked with 3mm crochet hook and once again with Natura Just Cotton 
of DMC brand. It was perfect for small crafts like these!

Though they live very close to us, I send the head bands in an envelope by mail ...
 his mother told me that she got very happy to see that there was a letter for it!

To make  crocheted head band in blue I used crochet granny stitch.  
And to make crocheted head band in pink I have used treble crochet stitch 
(U.S. Terminology). Then I added a crocheted flower and a crocheted heart. 
That's it! Easy, right? You can see the tutorial here

I like these little crochet work ..........
And you, what type of head band you prefer?
the blue or the pink?

Thanks for visiting me in my world of wool!


  1. I like them both Cristina - they're so pretty. :)

  2. Like the blue one, looks so pretty! Am sure the little girl was thrilled @ her parcel..

    xxx Rajeswari

  3. Una monada!! Són super bonics i finets!
    Petonets i bon divendres!!

  4. Són molt mones aquestes cintes pel cabell. I la idea d'enviar-li per correo la trobo genial. Segur que la nena deuria fer una cara de sorpresa!!!!

  5. Cristina,

    A mi m'agraden tots dos!! I quina sorpresa devia tenir en veure un sobre de correus per ella... als meus nens també els hi encanta rebre sobres dirigits a ells!


  6. Qué bellas quedaron las dos!!! cada una tan especial y única.
    ♥ Ana BC

  7. I love the blue one. You are amazingly creative and I love that you take pictures of what you do. That's such a great part of your blog.

  8. Són molt xules aquestes cintes de cabell la nena segur que va quedar sorpresa quan les va rebre Per. Internet. Petons

  9. Hola, que maravillas se pueden hacer para las niñas¡¡¡

  10. T'han quedat una passada!!! Són una preciositat!

  11. Ets una artista! Maquíssims! Un pto gran nia! M

  12. Molt maques, Cristina! Segur que li van encantar ;)))
    Un petó


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