Saturday, August 17, 2013

girl dresses made ​​of fabric and crochet

Hello dear readers! I return back to normal life and I return to be here! You have good holidays? you're still on vacation? you go on vacation soon?

Slowly I will show what I have done these past few days. Soon the summer will end... September...  I think this is the beginning of the year ...

We begin! Today I will show two more dress combining fabric and crochet... I enjoy the moment I made these two dresses for Carlota ( you can see here ) that I have made two more this summer! Combining fabric and crochet in dresses is a great idea for summer.
You do one?

This model is similar to the previous but has changed the color of the wool and fabric color. I also put two buttons of different colors.

In this one I added a lace tape and I used t-shirt yarn strips, to give a more style sailor  like the fabric that I have used.

The fabrics are 100% cotton and yarn too. I again used the yarn of the brand DMC  model Natura Just Cotton. They are very good to make these dresses, softs and sweets! I have worked with 3 mm crochet hook.

At first I wanted to use  blue t-shirt  yarn but eventually I figured it best to red colour. It is much cheers, right?

The fabric is shorter in this dress and it seems a blouse. I assure you: my daughter was a  beautiful girl  with a pants of white thread  the day she premiered this dress! 
a lovely set to dress!

Sometimes to do a photo shoot is not easy work....

But the next day he gave me a few precious moments!

These dresses are perfect for now: fresh and sweets and  perfect for  removing the diapers for my daughter. She is quite a little woman! Next monday birthday... two years old ...

Thank you for your visits and your kind comments!

I want to welcome the new followers of the blog!
I wish you you  enjoy a happy time in my world of wool! 

thank you!

Have a great and happy weekend!


  1. Ualaaaa!! Són una monada de vestidets!!! M'encanten m'encanten Cristina!!! Ambdues teles són una delicia!! Si algun dia tinc una nena en faré un bonica!!
    Molts petonets!! Jo ja he tornat de les vacances!

  2. Hey, that's super sweet!! Especially the pink one ♥
    Have a great day! Nata xxx

  3. Quina monada per favor!!!!!!!! Me la menjaria aquesta nena, aixxxxxx!!!! Els vestidets m'encanten Cris, ja ho saps ;) estic en ello!!!! I ja compto els dies que falten per les nostres vacances...petonets guapa!!!!

  4. Preciosos y la modelo ya ni te cuento!!,
    Estás hecha una artista,me encantan esos vestiditos,son sencillos pero hermosos.

  5. Son preciosos, y la nena una muñeca. Me encantan e intentaré hacer uno, pero me temo que no soy una artista como tú.

  6. Such loveliness, and also the dresses are beautiful.

    Two years old already-my god, Cristina, how did it happen so quickly to go by ?~!
    Your creativity combined with her in your pictures makes an award-winning blog for my reading pleasure. Many Many thanks. Happy Autumn.

  7. Ei, Cristina! Potser que els hagi vist a Pinterest. Són moníssims. La Carlota està guapíssima! La pena és que la meva Alba ja té 15 anys!! Porta una altra talla!! Jajajaja!! Benvinguda altra vegada a l'activitat. Ànims!

  8. Hi Cristina. The little dresses are really cute - and your daughter is an adorable little girl. :)

  9. Qué bellos vestidos. Me encantan. Y tu nena está preciosa :-)

  10. Quins vestits més macos i quina model més estilosa!. Aquest estiu ja arribo un poc tard, però l'estiu que ve espero fer-ne qualcun. M'agrada molt el teu bloc i tot el que fas. Enhorabona!!

  11. Quins vestidets més bònics, jo en duia de petita, però no eren tan bònics com aquests! La teva filla està guapíssima!

  12. Me n'alegro de que ja tornis a ser per aquí i veig que has tornat amb força perquè els vestidets són una monadaaaaaaaa i la Carlota està per menjar-te-la, m'encanta la foto amb el seu barret i les ulleres, quin riure !!!
    Els trobo una monada aquests vestits combinant tela i ganxet, és increïble com vas aprenent de ràpid.
    Per cert, et dec un mail (no tinc perdó), a veure si aquesta setmana m'hi poso !!!!
    1 abraçada ben forta !!

  13. T'han quedat moníssims!! Llàstima que no tinc nenes. Jo encara he de fer vacances, hem queda una setmaneta de treballar i... a descansar...

  14. your girl is such a nice model for your creations!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  15. XD!!! La Carlota està per menjar-te-la amb aquests super vestidets!! Quina monada!!!! Tan els vestits com ella!!
    Un petó ben gran!

  16. this is the very uniqueness, i was really not aware d about that.
    thanks for sharing awesome.

  17. amazing dresses its very attractive

  18. Thanks for sharing this neat idea of combining fabric and yarn, the dress is beautiful and so is your little girl.


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