Tuesday, August 20, 2013

T-shirt with applique and birthday's crown

Once again I have joy thanks to another blog! This time the interchange 
was with Montse of blog " les mil i una idees " ( here )

She asked me  I did him a carpet .... (Do not worry, Montse!! I start this carpet in September!!) And I asked  a crown for my daughter's birthday. Look! Look! one day in which I could take some pictures! yesterday, with the party birthday, with many kids fro ... impossible!

Everything had wrapped in a big box! How  excitement! and the biggest surprise yet! 
There are another gift in the box!

A beautiful crown for the second anniversary  and.........
what is this ..........? what is this ............?

The t-shirt that Carlota carried in the pictures!
that beautiful! This application is very well sewn, Montse! 
is perfect! super! it is so cute!  incredibly perfect....... 

I looooooooooooooooooove it! and the crown too!
Today she wears this t- shirt on  the morning
and walking on the street and taught this witch to everyone!

Many thanks, Montse ...........
a detail so cute the crocheted flowers in the crown .........
and fabrics are also wonderful ....
everything is beautiful .... beautiful ....
thanks .... thanks ..... thanks ..... thanks ......

You do not yet know Montse's blog?? visit here!!!! sure you will love!

Thanks for your kind comments!!

And we have over 200 followers on Pinterest!! 
thank you!!!


  1. Oooooooh nena quina passadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
    m'encanta tot!!!! la corona i la samarretaaaaaa! Es tot perfecte! aquesta montse és una crack! I a la carlota li queda una monada!!! A disfrutar d'aquest intercanvi tant xulu!!! petonsssssssssss!

  2. Wow, quina passada de corona i samarreta!!!! Xulíssim!!
    Quin crack la Montse!!!
    La Carlota està guapíssima!! Moltes felicitats a la peque!!

  3. What a lovely special day with such adorable presents x

  4. La samarreta és genial!!! M'agrada molt.

  5. nena!!! que guapa que està la Carlota! i ja tenies raó ja! li queda a la mida! em va encantar fer-li!tot un plaer... un petó gran gran! m

  6. Hola, está muy guapa¡¡¡¡


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