Monday, September 30, 2013

autumn arrives and wool yarn too....

Although last week we someday arrive until 34 º C, 
now in the nights the temperature refreshes and I like to  touching the wool. 
So again I return to make crochet with wool yarn instead of cotton yarn.... 
Here's a project that I do not know how it will end .... 
I wanted to make a  cowl  with granny stitch but it think 
it will be something different .... now, I will continue to make crochet 
and it see if I can show you very soon the final project!

 was a gift and was wrapped like this ....

 And remeber the post with small bags for snack ( here ) ???
it too was a gift and was wrapped like this....

Washi tape has so many utilities ...!
Well this weekend we played with washi tape.
Carlota loves cars and tractors and buses and trucks ...
In short, these things! and Saturday
was no good time to walk down the street, autumn arrives,
with her clouds and perhaps rain.......  and we stayed at home......

And on a cardstock I made a racing city with washi tape.
And she played and enjoyed a great time!
Excuse for my bad drawings ... during  day I was drawing
so many tractors, chickens, eggs, girls... in the end,
drawing with a huge speed and you here you can see the outcome ....
lucky that my daughter likes everything that her mother draw!!
You can to laugh as much as you want! I give you permission!

Today the racing city  is still painted more!!! yes!!!  a true work of art!
draw and paint on a surface big  instead of drawing and painting
on a sheet of paper is a lot more fun!

Many thanks for visit me in my world of wool!

I wish you that you have a good start to the week!

Bye! Bye!

Friday, September 27, 2013

here are the winners!!!!!!!! and Delên-Vine

The Giveaway has been made​​!!!!!!!!!
 Here are the winners!!!!!!!!



Congratulations to the two winners 
of the Giveaway!!!

( You can see the Giveaway here: )

4- ANNA M.P.
10- DEBI

Many thanks to you all for participating!!!

Silvia need to contact me because I have not your personal details!
Montse, I have your e-mail yet.....!

From my world of wool I want to you  once again my sincere thanks .....
my world of wool grows thanks to you with your visits,
your comments, your emails ....
I apologize if sometimes I take a while to respond ....
I apologize if any of my patterns are not quite right .....
I apologize if my English is a disaster ......
I created the blog to learn some English ....
to share my work ... and it worked!
And I know a little more English than a year ago .....
And many people follow the blog......
and thousands of people have used some of my patterns ....
and I've met great people like you......
thanks......... thanks........

You have ever listened anything like it.....????
 Menorca's Pop.... just great .... just great....
I thought their first album "Sa roba estesa" was wonderful ....
but the second "Bonanova"  it was  wonderful too!

Know more about Delên here and here

Have a nice weekend....

Thursday, September 26, 2013

small bags for snack

Hello, dear readers and followers! 
Everyone already is in order in this new year that has started? 
You will proposed  learned to sew or learn to crochet? 
We can get everything we want! 
you not have to give anything to lose! 
We can always learn new things!

Well, today I will show you the small bags that I've sewn, 
of the type of bags to take breakfast or snack.

These two for my nephews, with the name of each of them 
because  do not get confused! 
Both are sewed with the same fabric 
and the only thing that changes is the rope: red and yellow.

This is the first time I use ink to print fabric .... 
told me that it no lost when you clean up in the washing machine but .... 
I'll be worried until I see for sure that not!
And I repeat again: I looooooooooove sewing appliques!!!

And many days ago that I had  to sew a bag for my sister. 
You remember that  I give she for her birthday ( here ) ?
Well, I had sewed this bag with the same  fabric that dressing case!

Well, here are my three small bags! practical and useful! 
I think I will do more! I will sew one for Carlota  for snack! 

To sew these small bags I've used the tutorial that you can find here

And this week in the night I go back make to crochet with wool.... 
Next week I'll show you my works! 

And tonight is the Giveaway! Good luck to you all!! 
And thanks for visit me in my world of wool,  
although lately there are more posts of sewing, right??? 

Thank you to you all! 
bye! bye!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Giveaway / SORTEIG / SORTEO and Peter Bjorn & John - Young Folks

 The blog has surpassed 200,000 visits .... 
and over 250 followers...... and over 400 followers on Pinterest ..... 
This should be celebrated, right? Well, come on! 
The Giveaway is here! 
to participate simply leave a comment here and tell me 
what you would do with these wool .... 
You have time to leave a comment until Thursday, 
September 26, 2013 at 22.00m hours. 
Good luck to everyone! 
and millions of thanks for visiting my world of wool! 
Thanks for visiting me! 
Thanks for your sweet comments! 
Thanks for making me spend so many good times! 
millions of thanks to all of you........

El bloc ha superat 200.000 visites ....
i més de 250 seguidors ... i més de 400 seguidors a Pinterest .....
Això s'ha de celebrar, oi? Doncs, anem!
Aquí teniu el Sorteig!
per participar, nomès heu de deixar un comentari aquí i dieu
que faríeu amb aquestes llanes ....
Teniu temps per deixar un comentari fins el dijous 
dia 26 setembre de 2013 a les 22,00 hores.
Bona sort a tots!
I milions de gràcies per visitar my world of wool!
Gràcies per la teva visita!
Gràcies pels teus bonics comentaris!
Gràcies per haver-me fet passar tants i tants bons moments!
Milions de gràcies a tots vostès ........

El blog ha superado 200.000 visitas ....
y más de 250 seguidores ... y más de 400 seguidores en Pinterest .....
Esto se debe celebrar, ¿no? Bueno, pues vamos!
Aquí está el Sorteo!
para participar, simplemente tienes que dejar un comentario aquí 
y dices lo que tu harías con estas lanas ....
Tienes tiempo para dejar un comentario hasta el jueves
día 26 de septiembre 2013 a las 22,00 horas.
Buena suerte a todos!
Y millones de gracias por visitar  my world of wool!
Gracias por tu visita!
Gracias por tus bonitos comentarios!
Gracias por haberme hecho pasar tantos buenos momentos!
Millones de gracias a todos ustedes ........


Since my daughter has started kindergarten I can say that I've recovered a little of the world of music.... I always like listening the songs with volume strong...  and when I like a song... uuuuffff ... my man trembles! because I also love the repeat function of stereo... of course when I like a song I hear it a thousand times again and again without stopping ... On two years ( almost three with pregnancy .... ) I avoided listening to loud music for my daughter ... So I could only do it a Saturday when she was for a walk with his father and I took advantage of to household chores ... with loud music! also in the car,  these years I've been  traveling  here and there and instead  the radio or a CD  I was singing the songs for my daughter or I  hear the silence while I was driving and she slept ... finally, one day that I was traveling alone and I thought "hey! that I can put music!" and I had a good time,  very good time... I  was drive many hours... like I have made sometimes for many years ago,  no direction,  and listening to a song...  the music is a part of my life...  yes... And  I  want to share with you a link of some videos...... All of those that I will never get tired of listening... and again... and again.... I hope that you enjoy these songs as I have done and I  will for the rest of my life ... the good songs do not expire, right?

I hope you have a good week end.....

Note:  " oh la la ma vie en rose "  The blog of Rosa has also started a section of songs...... I do not know what happens but thanks to the blog I have known great people with whom I think that if time and space has encountered it would  be very good friends ...... Rosa,  the sensitivity in your heart and in your words ..... visit her blog,  full  of beautiful works and good music recommendations!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013


- una tassa de farina
- una tassa de sucre
- una tasseta d'oli de girasol
- una tasseta de llet
- 3 ous
- un sobre de llevadura en pols

Batem els ous, afegim el sucre i continuem remenant. 
Afegim la farina barrejada amb la llevadura amb pols 
( jo sempre utiltzo de la marca ROYAL ) i continuem remenant. 
Quan estigui tot ben barrejat afegir la tasseta de llet 
( una tasseta petita de mida de cafè ) i desprès la tasseta d'oli de girasol. 
Finalment, optatiu, jo li he afegit una cullerada de 
cacau pur amb pols ( de la marca VALOR).

Untem de mantega la base de la plata pel forn i espolvoregem 
una mica de pa ratllat per evitar que s'enganxi després el brioix. 
Ho posem al forn 35 minuts a 180 ºC i després comprovem 
si esta ben cuit o no. Si cal ho deixem 5 minuts més. 
Tancar el forn i deixar reposar a l'interior uns 5 o 10 minutets més i....

Espero que aquesta recepta sigui útil per vosaltres!

Molt aviat sorteig.... 
més de 200.000 visites....


Friday, September 13, 2013

fabric letters for apliques , a collar and a chocolate cake

In the kindergarten Carlota must take two robes one short sleeve 
and other long sleeve. His tutor said I had to write the name on outside 
but I could do as I wanted to it. So I wanted to make some similars fonts that 
I did  her the backpack. I you ever have said that I love sewing applique? 
yeeeeeeeeeeeees! I loooooooooooooooooooove it!

For the robe of winter I sewed  the stitch with blue thread  and
for the robe of summer I sewed the stitch  with red thread.

I've too drawn the letters ..... yes, I already know that there are many 
internet templates for  letters but these  imperfects .... 
I looooooooooooooove it!

 This afternoon we not  go for a walk..... 
we had walk much yesterday and we were very many hours in the sun. yes!
 so today we stayed home and made crafts: a necklace by Carlota!

And she also always wants to see what make the mother in the kitchen. 
And today she has made her first cake! a chocolate cake!

Today was the first necklace that made Carlota 
and now she also made her first cake! 
has been a very productive afternoon, seriously!
 I like to see how they cook foods through the glass of the oven....

Now I have a lot of sleep and I'm tired .... 
one day I will give the recipe for you, ok? 
I have to say that it came out good: 
soft and well cooked ! has been quite a success! 

Thanks for visiting me in my world of wool!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

September 11, 2013, Catalan Way

1.6 million people have joined hands along 400 kilometers 
to claim their own state: State Catalan. 
It was a peaceful and happy event, with many families with children, 
grandparents, everyone are invited!!!  

More than a million and a half people demanding Independence for Catalonia. 

Thanks to everyone.......... 
the world listens to us and some international media have echoed the news. 
Thanks....... thanks for spread our message...... 
Catalonia the new state in Europe!

 You can view on youtube the  Catalan Way in New York, Sao Paulo,  
more than 100 events of Catalan Way in worldwide during this summer! 
This is awesome ...... 
The Catalans in their city, their country, took part in the Catalan Way?
If you watch the videos of the Catalan Way in these cities, 
you can see that the Catalans make peaceful protest around the world! 
Awesome...... Awesome....... Awesome.....

My daughter have only two years old and  enjoyed the celebration 
despite the long journey by car, waiting hours on the road, 
the crowds, the sun .... she not cried even once! 
she is a Catalan strong, brave and maybe one day 
she can celebrate her Independence Day! 
His mother feel very proud! 
Now she sleeps peacefully in her crib with her Lulo, her little teddy rabbit  ....  
she is only a baby and she only know that there was a big party .... 
nothing more....  but within a few years 
she will be aware of what happened today, 
and she can say I was there ..... I was there.... 
I was there....... 



Tuesday, September 10, 2013


If you excuse me tomorrow,11 September 2013,
I ask them to think about my little country, Catalonia.
I will be grateful if you would spread my message.
Maybe their countries news channels do not talk,
but there is a great social movement in Catalonia.
Tomorrow is National's Day of Catalonia and we want to make
a human chain of 400 km that aims to scour the country
to demand what belongs to us: freedom, independence.
Also hope that one day we can celebrate our Independence Day.
You know Barcelona?
Antoni Gaudí? Salvador Dalí?
the Pyrenees? Catalan Romanic art?
Maria del Mar Bonet?
Lluís Llach? Mercè Rodoreda?
Quim Monzó? Jaume Cabré?
Sergi López? Bigas Luna? Marc Márquez?
Kilian Jornet? Pep Guardiola?
Ferran Adrià? Montserrat Caballé?
Pau Casals? Gerard Piqué?
We are a people honest, hardworking, generous and peaceful
that we want the world hear us.
Thank you for taking me a minute of your life
for reading this message, thanks ....

 I will participate in an initiative to also make
 a chain of blogs for the Independence of Catalonia.
I'm  the 296 blog, and
295 Marta's blog.
The person who followed my blog with 
 number 297 is Tat.

To see blogs who participate click here!


Friday, September 6, 2013

crocheted pincushion

As recently I have me  proposed to sew  I have to be prepared, right?
So, I had need for another pincushion and I had to make one a crochet.
It's simple but it's my first crocheted pincushion  and I'm happy with the outcome!
For the inside I had to sew a fabric cover in yellow.
For to make this pincushion I have worked with Nature Just Cotton
of DMC brand and I have worked with 3mm crochet hook
The crocheted pincushion  measures 11 centimeters by 11 centimeters,
is not great........
And you, you like pincushions?
I wish you have a good weekend!
From my world of wool many kisses to you all!

Monday, September 2, 2013

the start of kindergarten

Today my daughter for the first time goes to in the kindergarten.
I was a little worried yesterday to evening..... but.........
I knew that she will love go to kindergarten because she is happy to see kids!
 And for go to kindergarten  I sew this backpack for her:       

The aunt Rosa gave me this amazing fabric and I thought
it would be perfect with yellow fabric.
So I could make an applique which highlight with the name of Carlota!

I followed this tutorial how to make a backpack.
But...... I have made changes, of course!!!!
 The backpack is stuffed with wadding and I sew like a dressing case
but I did not make a bag with zipper, instead  of this
I added a lapel for closed with velcro.

The fabric could not be more beautiful!
What is it that she like best for my daughter????
 the tractors! yes!!!!!!!!

It was fun  sew this applique and the straps to hang on back....

I have not had to make more bags because my mother in law 
gave me these bags for  Carlota. She knows very well sew cross stitch!

And this week I have scored lot of clothes to go to kindergarten! yes!

My daughter start a new stage......  life I get  vertigo...........
it's nice to see how she growing....... but....  so fast... ?????
 it's  scary...............  

Today my dear daughter going very happy in kindergarten.......
And she came joyful and happy!
She walk so fast  for go to his classroom that I could not take  photos!
I am happy if she is happy.............

This week I want to make t-shirts with applique for my daughter! 
How nice! I always is fun doing it! I will show you the other day! 

Now I  go look for my daughter! is her first day and I do not want to be late!
Thanks for being here! 
Thanks for visiting my world of wool!