Friday, September 6, 2013

crocheted pincushion

As recently I have me  proposed to sew  I have to be prepared, right?
So, I had need for another pincushion and I had to make one a crochet.
It's simple but it's my first crocheted pincushion  and I'm happy with the outcome!
For the inside I had to sew a fabric cover in yellow.
For to make this pincushion I have worked with Nature Just Cotton
of DMC brand and I have worked with 3mm crochet hook
The crocheted pincushion  measures 11 centimeters by 11 centimeters,
is not great........
And you, you like pincushions?
I wish you have a good weekend!
From my world of wool many kisses to you all!


  1. Però quin coixinet per les agulles tan original!!
    Segur que et serà de gran utilitat!
    Un petó gran i bon cap de setmana!

  2. Cristina, és una monada! Super original i molt útil.
    Petonets i bon cap de setmana!!

  3. Super beautiful!! ♥ Well done :-). I really like pincushions, they are so quickly to make and always a nice little gift!

  4. M'agraden molt els coixinets d'agulles, i el seu nom en català encara més (ho vaig descobrir fa poc, només el sabia en castellà)!!

  5. Jeje quin coixínet més bònic i cuquetó p les agulles, bona pensada. Petons

  6. Muy cute! ^^
    xx Carmen

  7. Cris!!! Preciosíssim! M'agrada molt i molt! ets una artista! un petonàs guapa

  8. I love pincushions, and your little crochet one is just beautiful! Very cute!
    Helen x

  9. So cute Cristina, and the spring-like colors are just adorable. You are the most creative young mama i know these days and what you will do next is always a treat to try to guess !~! Will it be a toy for the little girl, a knick knack for your home or a useful object like this one. Perfect !~!



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