Friday, September 13, 2013

fabric letters for apliques , a collar and a chocolate cake

In the kindergarten Carlota must take two robes one short sleeve 
and other long sleeve. His tutor said I had to write the name on outside 
but I could do as I wanted to it. So I wanted to make some similars fonts that 
I did  her the backpack. I you ever have said that I love sewing applique? 
yeeeeeeeeeeeees! I loooooooooooooooooooove it!

For the robe of winter I sewed  the stitch with blue thread  and
for the robe of summer I sewed the stitch  with red thread.

I've too drawn the letters ..... yes, I already know that there are many 
internet templates for  letters but these  imperfects .... 
I looooooooooooooove it!

 This afternoon we not  go for a walk..... 
we had walk much yesterday and we were very many hours in the sun. yes!
 so today we stayed home and made crafts: a necklace by Carlota!

And she also always wants to see what make the mother in the kitchen. 
And today she has made her first cake! a chocolate cake!

Today was the first necklace that made Carlota 
and now she also made her first cake! 
has been a very productive afternoon, seriously!
 I like to see how they cook foods through the glass of the oven....

Now I have a lot of sleep and I'm tired .... 
one day I will give the recipe for you, ok? 
I have to say that it came out good: 
soft and well cooked ! has been quite a success! 

Thanks for visiting me in my world of wool!


  1. Ooohh, amb la gana que tinc ara!!
    Em menjaria un troç d'aquesta coca tan deliciosa amb un café amb llet, mmmmmmmm
    Veig que tens una petita artista a casa!
    Les bates una monada!!

  2. I love crafty little kids!!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  3. Precioses les bates! I quina bona pinta que fa el pastís. Segur que a la Carlota li ha encantat fer-lo. Petons.

  4. Guapes!!!!! tu i la Carlota! quin bitxo petit més dolç!!! mmmm i quina bona pinta la coca... segur que és deliciosa! Les aplicacions un 10. Ets una artista! un petonàs guapa! M

  5. Que bonitos han quedado!!!!
    tienes un blog muy bonito , pasa por el nuestro para conocernos,

  6. Nyam quina bona pinta que fa!!! I que be totes dues a la cuina!!!
    Una abraçada


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