Thursday, September 26, 2013

small bags for snack

Hello, dear readers and followers! 
Everyone already is in order in this new year that has started? 
You will proposed  learned to sew or learn to crochet? 
We can get everything we want! 
you not have to give anything to lose! 
We can always learn new things!

Well, today I will show you the small bags that I've sewn, 
of the type of bags to take breakfast or snack.

These two for my nephews, with the name of each of them 
because  do not get confused! 
Both are sewed with the same fabric 
and the only thing that changes is the rope: red and yellow.

This is the first time I use ink to print fabric .... 
told me that it no lost when you clean up in the washing machine but .... 
I'll be worried until I see for sure that not!
And I repeat again: I looooooooooove sewing appliques!!!

And many days ago that I had  to sew a bag for my sister. 
You remember that  I give she for her birthday ( here ) ?
Well, I had sewed this bag with the same  fabric that dressing case!

Well, here are my three small bags! practical and useful! 
I think I will do more! I will sew one for Carlota  for snack! 

To sew these small bags I've used the tutorial that you can find here

And this week in the night I go back make to crochet with wool.... 
Next week I'll show you my works! 

And tonight is the Giveaway! Good luck to you all!! 
And thanks for visit me in my world of wool,  
although lately there are more posts of sewing, right??? 

Thank you to you all! 
bye! bye!


  1. Son molt xules Cristina. Veus tot es posar-se, amb ganes no hi ha res que se'ns pugui resistir.

    Espero que a la Carlota li vagi ve l'escola.

    Petones per les dues.

  2. Guapa i més que guapa! Ole tu!!! t'han quedat super bé!!! un petó gran gran. M

  3. Però Cristina, estàs feta un crack amb la costura!!!!! No pares!!!
    M'encanta aquesta energia positiva que desprens, continua així!!
    Ja tinc ganes de veure els teus treballs amb les llanes!

  4. Ohhhhhh Cris!!! Com m'agrada que cada vegada t'animis més amb la costura, visca!!! M'encanten les teles...i m'encantes tu!!!!! Muaaaaaaaa!!!!! Reina no vas rebre una postal meva???


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