Monday, September 2, 2013

the start of kindergarten

Today my daughter for the first time goes to in the kindergarten.
I was a little worried yesterday to evening..... but.........
I knew that she will love go to kindergarten because she is happy to see kids!
 And for go to kindergarten  I sew this backpack for her:       

The aunt Rosa gave me this amazing fabric and I thought
it would be perfect with yellow fabric.
So I could make an applique which highlight with the name of Carlota!

I followed this tutorial how to make a backpack.
But...... I have made changes, of course!!!!
 The backpack is stuffed with wadding and I sew like a dressing case
but I did not make a bag with zipper, instead  of this
I added a lapel for closed with velcro.

The fabric could not be more beautiful!
What is it that she like best for my daughter????
 the tractors! yes!!!!!!!!

It was fun  sew this applique and the straps to hang on back....

I have not had to make more bags because my mother in law 
gave me these bags for  Carlota. She knows very well sew cross stitch!

And this week I have scored lot of clothes to go to kindergarten! yes!

My daughter start a new stage......  life I get  vertigo...........
it's nice to see how she growing....... but....  so fast... ?????
 it's  scary...............  

Today my dear daughter going very happy in kindergarten.......
And she came joyful and happy!
She walk so fast  for go to his classroom that I could not take  photos!
I am happy if she is happy.............

This week I want to make t-shirts with applique for my daughter! 
How nice! I always is fun doing it! I will show you the other day! 

Now I  go look for my daughter! is her first day and I do not want to be late!
Thanks for being here! 
Thanks for visiting my world of wool!     


  1. Ah yes - they do grow so fast. I hope Carlota loves her kindergarten. :)

  2. Carai Cristina, quina passada de motxilla! La Carlota serà la nena més ben preparada de la classe!! M'agrada molt que hagis escollitscolors com el vermell i el groc! són molt divertits i combinen molt rebé.

  3. És espactacular aquesta motxilla, està guapíssima la Carlota amb ella. T'ha quedat genial.. Oh! Les nenes se'ns fan grans ;). Petons

  4. Cristina, x per favor!!! però quina preciositat de motxilla!!! T'ha quedat genial!!!
    Quina gràcia la Carlota amb la seva motxilleta!
    Ets una artista!
    Ah, i les bossetes amb punt de creu una monada, felicita a la teva sogre!
    Un petó guapa!! Desitjo que el primer dia de la Carlota a la llar d'infants hagi sigut molt feliç!!

  5. Nenaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, quina passada!!! la motxilla m'ha robat el cor!!! ets una artistassa cristina!!! La carlota deu anar super feliç amb la motxilla que li ha fet la mare!!!! aiixxxxx!!!!
    I les bossetes de punt de creu que t'ha fet la sogra, super boniques també!!!
    Un petonas guapa!

  6. Maquíssima la motxilla de la Carlota! Les robes són molt divertides ;). I les fotos de la Carlota són genials!! Les bossetes no es queden enrere, molt xules!
    Bon inici d'etapa! Petonets!

  7. My daughters have grown so fast and now are mothers themselves - life passes by so quickly. I love all the beautiful things you have made for your beautiful little girl x


  8. Nena! Quina passada de motxilla! Ideal per l’escola! Em recorda les de USA! Fantàstica! Espero que li hagi anar súper bé a la Carlota! Un petonàs! M

  9. Quina motxilla més maca! Segur que la Carlota va contenta a l'escola. Sembla que portes tota la vida cosint!!!


  10. Cris!!!!! Com m'agrada que li hagis fet una motxilla a la Carlota...GENIAL!!!!!!! És una monada, i molt original!!!!! Muaaaaaaa guapa!!! Espero que l'adaptació hagi anat bé!!!

  11. The teacher allowed me and my son to tour her facility, and actually encouraged parents to aid in their child's transition by attending the school for a week with child.


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