Wednesday, October 9, 2013

cotton yarn and transform a simple blanket from Ikea

Is for a long time that I wanted to try this yarn! they are 100% cotton 
and although I have not had time to work with them 
I have to confess that I can not wait! 
I thought the skeins would be bigger than this, 
but I'm happy because  the skeins are wonderful!
I bought this yarn  here

Do not you think this is a festival of colors? 
I would spend hours looking at it! and I never get tired! 
and within my head billion neurons with  thoughts and future projects ... 
I'm happy with that! that make me veeeeeeeery haaaaappy!

I want to do so many things I do not know where to start! 
I like sewing, but crocheting after dining, relaxing, watching TV, 
now  the cold weather arrives ..... these moments are very precious for me
and if I can not enjoy I'm nervous.... really.... this is my relax moment .... 
I need it.... really....

And with the arrival of cold  my daughter take this beautiful blanket 
that give him for his baptism. A simple Ikea blanket transformed into a beautiful blanket 
thanks to the perfect work made for my cousin Marta........

Do not you think that is a beautiful blanket? 
I was very happy with this gift and my daughter looooooves it!

I do not know if it looks good in the photo but the blanket 
has a few painted of pencil and pen... Although it's been a year and a half 
since my cousin gave it at my baby Carlota, now it is wrinkled 
and was washing a lot of times,  you can see that it is a lovely blanket!

Now I'm learning to sew  applique and now I realize this is a lot of work! 
Thank you, Marta, again! you know I really liked very much this gift!

And you've ever transformed a simple blanket from Ikea 
with an applique? Not? 
Well, I think it's a great idea to make a nice gift!

Thanks for visiting my world of wool! 
I give the welcome to the new followers of the blog! 
Thanks for being here! thanks for everything!


  1. uoooooh ,com molen els colors de les llanes!! Són tons súper bonics! :)

    Una abraçada!!!

  2. qué lindos colores de lanas! quedo con las ganas de ver qué harás con ellas...

  3. how much fun in doing it!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  4. OoOOoooohh, quantes llanes Cristina!! Que bonics són aquests colors! Ja tinc ganes de veure'n que en faràs!!
    La manta és una genial idea, li va quedar xulíssima!

  5. Mmmmm quines llanes més gustosetes...i quins colors més bonics.
    Les aplicacions t'han quedat super bé!
    Que en penses fer d'aquestes llanetes? Segur que serà preciós.
    Molts petonets

    1. Hola, Júlia! No les he fet jo les aplicacions! jajajaja!!!
      és un regal que va fer una cosina meva per la Carlota!
      Gràcies per passejar-te per aquí!


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