Friday, October 4, 2013

Crochet Stole and AUSTRALIAN BLONDE - Chup Chup

Autumn arrives and I go back to work with wool yarn, 
although I have to say that I spent a bit of heat to work with  this yarn ..... 
you remember time ago that I have made one crochet stole 
to my sister? You can see here
Well, these days I made ​​another crochet stole. 
We have to prepare for winter, right?

I work with yarn wool of brand Stylecraft Special DK 
and with 4mm crochet hook. And as always,  I do no pattern.... 
pure imagination!

I like decorate the works with a flower .... 
I I think pretty good, what do you think?

I think under a basic jesey and with a jeans can be a very nice complement!
 it will be a joy to the dark days of winter!

I do not know if I would like the end result.....
 (which is what happens when you work without a pattern ....) 
but.... I must say that I am happy with what this has become! 
yes! really ... I like!

I look forward impatient a cotton wool that I bought .... 
delivery came yesterday and I was not in my home! 
they are yarns cotton wool ...  mmmmmmm!!! perfect!!!! 
and I think I will make scarfs and necks for my daughter 
and maybe Christmas presents ... Last year I did not have time ... 
the gifts of Magic Kings should start preparing now, what do you think? 


This song is full of energy! 
with days of clouds and rain it is very necessary! 

Many thanks for your sweet comments!

Have a nice weekend!

bye! bye!


  1. Nena, però que bonic !!!!! M'encanta el toc final del turquesa, li dona una frescura xulíssima!!!! felicitats, és maquíssim!! muaaaaaa!

  2. Què maco i original!! M'encanta...

  3. Cristina és preciós!!!! M'has deixat bocabadada. És més, en vull un!!! Jiijijijiii!!!
    M'encanten els colors i les floretes.

  4. GORGEOUS !!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  5. This is so pretty, I like your patterns!

  6. És preciós!! m'agrada moltíssim!

  7. Qué estola tan bella, Cristina! Felicitaciones.

  8. Que colores tan alegres!!,ahora en otoño le da un toque de alegría a la estación.

  9. Ooohhhh quin coll tan i tan bònic. M'encanta tot ell, la forma els colors tot i tot. Artista! Petons

  10. Ohhhh maquíssim, Cristina!! Donarà un toc d'alegria a la roba de tardor! I les floretes són genials!!! Felicitats per la feina ;)! Petonets!!!

  11. Quins colorets més macos Cristina, així faràs més alegre les tardes fosques d'hivern!! :)

  12. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L
    i really love the colors!

  13. Neni!!! és tant tan tan tant mono!!! me n'he enamorat! no deixis mai de sorpendrem! ets una artista. una abraçada! m

  14. Precioso,,,y lleno de Colorterapia que es lo que necesito yo en Berlin. encanta.
    Un besote

  15. Love that you work without a pattern I do too !~! The stole is very pretty - the colors sing to me as they must to you as well. May your winter have cool days so you get to show it off to the neighborhood.

  16. Hola, que maravilla y cuanto color. Me encanta¡¡¡¡ y que guapa estás.


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