Thursday, October 31, 2013

handkerchief and apron for "La Castanyera" and Blaumut - Pa amb Oli i Sal

In kindergarten these days kids do activities related to " La Castanyada " 
a traditional celebration here Catalonia, although increasingly
there are more people that joins the Halloween .... 

The teacher asked the children that wore a  clothing like " La Castanyera "
( a woman who sells chestnuts on the street ) 
and here is the disguise that I sewed for Carlota: 
an apron and a handkerchief, essential to be a good 
"chestnut woman"!

I  needed more biege tape and made the top with 
 biege tape green  that I already had at home...
I bought a fabric  with squares  black and white and linen fabric 
and I printed the name of the " chestnut woman "...

It's my first handkerchief and my first apron! 
on Tuesday 29th was a year that I had bought the sewing machine ...

Happy birthday, sewing machine!

and I'm glad I made ​​this decision! Gradually I sew something!
and I do not I make as many mistakes like at the beginning!

Monday morning the " woman chestnut "  did not want to do photo session ...

But I assure you that Carlota will be the most beautiful
" Castanyera " that ever exist in this world!
I'm suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure!!!!!! yeeeeees!!!!

She likes the apron more than the handkerchief ....

I have not used any pattern. I took the measurements of
my daughter and made a traditional style apron.

I loooove, looooove my sweet " Castanyera"...

Note: I edit before posting, today celebrated " La Castanyada "
 in kindergarten. And she came out disguised of " Castanyera ".
 And she wore a paperina (wrap made ​​with newspaper) with chestnuts. 
When we got home she wanted to show me what was inside the paperina. 
Look, look .... I will make a thousand photos on my sweet baby...

What is inside the paperina... ?

Roasted chestnuts! you see how she herself  was peeling his chestnuts?

With their own little hands ... by itself ...

All single she ... there's more ...?

I give him the mother and ... I cry because they been finished!

Mother's love ... of course!

And too today after lunch, Carlota was very tired and slept a lot.
On time when she going to school was still sleeping!
and when she woke up it was too late to go to school.
So we have spent the afternoon together.

Carlota liked it so much the apron that I sewed that this afternoon
she also wanted to dress the apron to go shopping!
This give me great joy and make me very happy ...

Before going to the supermarket to do some purchases
we go to afternoon snack at a place that I recommended a friend ....

The place was very nice and very, very sweet...
and the afternoon snack delicious!
Thanks Rosa for the recommendation!
We will repeat! sure!

Today I share with you a song of a Catalan band: Blaumut,
 song title is very Catalan too: Pa amb Oli ( Bread with Oil ).
I love this song and I love the video.
And you, you like it?

 I wish a good Castanyada for the Catalans
and I wish too a good Halloween to you all!!

Thanks for visit me in my world of wool!

Bona Castanyada a tothom!


  1. Carlota Castanyera is really beautiful!!!!!
    love the set you sewed for her!!!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  2. Your year of sewing has made you more confident to try your hand at new items without pattern. Good for you. Daughter is beautiful-even when she doesn't want photo. Happy November to you both.

  3. Una castanyera molt bufona!!! Blaumunt m'agraden molt!!!
    Bona castanyada.

  4. Such a wonderful post! And such a wonderful mother you are! I loved the pictures of Carlota peeling the chestnuts! If she were the castanyera in my street I would buy allllll her chestnuts :-)

  5. Per favor, per favor! però quina castanyera més i més bonica! M'ENCANTA!!! I el lloc on vau anar a berenar fa moooolt bona pinta! M'hi hauràs de dur eh! un petó gran gran i bona Castanyada! M

  6. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooh!! nenaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, és genial !!!! m'encantaaaaaaaaaa!!! Aquest davantal i mocador de castanyera és lo más!!! :)
    I la castanyera està guapissima!! Un petonàs i bona castanyada!!!

  7. Cristina, m'encanta la castanyera que tens, quin amor de nena ! M'agrada molt la foto de les seves manetes molsudes pelant les castanyes i el davantal i el mocador que li has fet són una autèntica monada ! Aquesta màquina de cosir serà un no parar !!
    1 petó
    ah !! la cançó m'agrada moooolt

  8. Quina castanyera més súper xula!!!
    Feliç castanyada :)

  9. Quina castanyera mes joveneta i guapa! Monissim

  10. Cristina molt bona castanyada, amb aquesta castanyeres tant i tant guapa! T'ha quedat genial! A mi també m'agrada molt la cançó de pa amb oli i sal de Blaumut! Petons

  11. Estic flipant!!!!!!!! Quina monada de castanyera!!!! Fins i tot quan s'enfada està per menjar-se-la! T'ha quedat un conjunt de davantal i mocador PRECIÓS!!!!!!!!! Segueix així guapa! Muaaaaaa!!

  12. XD però quina passada de castanyereta!!!! No m'agraden gaire les castanyes, però aquesta castanyera me la menjaria amb castanyes i tot!!!! Està guapíssima, quin conjuntet que li has fet! Treus idees de per tot!
    La cançó un 10!

  13. Quina castanyera més original! M'encanta com et va quedar! Felicitats!!!

  14. Hola Cristina, quina castanyera! et transporta als contes, eh? la roba, el mocador... és una passada! m'agrada molt! una abraçada, ian


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