Thursday, October 24, 2013

I have not disappeared....

I have not disappeared ... I had a terrible catarrh ... that has infected me my dear baby ... eight days she was not going in school ... She is now recovered and I ... almost ... 

 I think these days it has become a girl ... she is so great ... and very pretty and intelligent ... and she is very happy and friendly ... She loves to paint ... She likes to dance ... she loves to make cakes ... She likes things the mother ...

I have not disappeared ... I'm watching how my baby grows and grows every day and I realize that she is not a baby... I realize that she is a little girl... I like to walk with her and I love when she take my hand because she wants my hand... I see everyday it as being strengthened this great ties between us ... mother ... daughter ... My sweet baby and my loved treasure...


  1. Hi Cristina. Sorry to hear that you both were ill. Glad that you're better now. :)

  2. OOOHHHH nina! Espero que ja estigui ben recuperada la Carlota! UN PETONÀS a les dues! MUAAAAAAAA

  3. awwwww motherhood!!!!!
    take care and enjoy your mummy moments with Carlota!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  4. Dear Cristina,
    This is exactly how I am feeling about my son. God bless our ' little treasures'...

  5. And you know, I feel that way about my daughter and she is 28 years old now. I am glad you are better and that all will soon be well in your world of wool.

  6. Qué sigas mejor, Cristina! te recuperarás pronto, como tu beba ♥

  7. Si, es fan grans tant depressa!!! Però és tan bonic veure'ls crèixer tant físicament, com emocionalment!
    Espero que us recupereu ben aviat!!!

  8. Espero que ja estigueu millor!! Va bé aturar-se de tant en tant, ho hauriem de fer més sovint, no només quan ens "obliguen"

  9. Ànims que segur que ben aviat estareu a tope ;). Quines fotos més maques!
    Una abraçada!

  10. Ostres Cristina!!! Espero que a poc a poc aneu agafant el ritme............ja va bé de tant en tant autrar-se....
    Com passa el temps la Carlota està molt gran!



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