Tuesday, October 15, 2013

the first memory game

You have ever played the memory game?
I yes! when I was little! and I love!
with friends at school or at home with the family!
Well, Saturday morning we decided to stay at home
because my daughter had  fever in the night...

My huband left  out to make some managements 
and I was tidying up toys  my daughter. And I reuse a cardboard box 
for storing toys. For make it more comfortable I cuted the flaps 
of the cardboard box. And I thought, what do I do 
with these pieces of cardboard? yes! you guessed! 
Here's the first memory game for my daughter!

Saturday morning: Carlota on the kitchen  counter 
(how she likes to be on the kitchen counter, this baby! 
making cakes with the mom, looking all that the mother makes ... 
always .... of course!). I think I am the mother that I draw (poorly, though!) 
fastest in the world. I calculated that in three seconds I can draw a tractor. 
Also in three seconds I can draw a flower, a sun, a girl and a chicken .... 
and the reason is that  always I'm drawing the same! 
yeeeeeees.....!!! all day! tractors.... more tractors.....
 Oh, and balloon too... yes....
all day .... all day ....

Well, this game was created in a few minutes and with brutal speed ...  
with the same time that I watching over and trying that my daughter
will not fall to the ground while she.... 
she touching everything that it is on the kitchen counter .... 
as they say, the mothers can do it all at once! yes, really!

The mom in a few minutes  was created this game handmade  
very rustic and very simply, as you can see in the drawings 
and cardboard very bad cuted! hahahaha! 
but my daughter enjoyed a great time: playing with his mother 
and she also painted the back side of the cardboard!

She is still very small and the memory game was more a game for to learn a vocabulary 
than a game to use the memory. I think I'll cut more scraps cardboard and 
I will make a large dictionary of tokens for my baby. What do you think of this?

My beautiful daughter has never been sick
and now he has started nursery school has had
in less than a month three days of fever and cough
for some days and she have too mucus ....
I suffer ... I'm sorry to see this ... but she is so happy when it is in contact
with other children! yes ... and today she has not gone to school
and she call the name of his teacher ... and "friends" class ....
the  mothers have that protective instinct, right .... ?
I can not imagine my daughter with a serious illness ....
I'm sad and I worry about a fever ... I hope my daughter
will grow up healthy, strong and happy and that life be not cruel to her ....
the life not will should it be cruel for nobody, right?

For those who are mothers for the first time ....
so you can see we all have problems... yes... we are  mothers inexpert,
mothers who suffer, sometimes we do not know if we can solve that problem,
we today not know now nothing, but then tomorrow maybe we be some experts ....
but for our babys us are the best mom in the world ...

I love you, Carlota ...
 thanks for all the moments that you give me every day...


  1. Fabulós joc i fabulosos moments amb la teva nina!! M'encanta la idea cristina! Trobo que amb tanta tecnologia sovint es perden moments de manualitats i rialles tant importants com aquests.
    Molts petonets

  2. such a sweet idea (and more to come!!!) from a sweet mamma!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  3. Un joc fantàstic!!!! Jo encara hi jugo amb els meus nens...i tinc pendent fer-ne un de roba ;)
    Petonets guapa!!!!

  4. Cristina, m'encanta!!! T'ha quedat genial!! Ben senzill de fer i trobo que t'ha quedat maquíssim!!!
    M'agraden les teves gallines amb els ous, jaja.
    No pateixis, abans no s'inmunitzen, has de passar mocs, tos, febres,..., pensa que és fan forts a tots els germens. Però entenc que el començament, es passen més temps a casa que a l'escola.
    Un petó ben gran

  5. Molt ben pensat, Cristina! Segur que vau passar moments ben macos, fent el joc i després jugant! Les fotos són genials ;)!


  6. Guapa!!! Que txulo! M’encanta! Tens tota la raó… i que bonics els dibuixos! Jo n’hi vaig fer un de roba per la Clàudia….la Carlota moníssima!!! Una abraçada gran gran! M

  7. What a wonderfully creative mama you are !~! Carlota will grow to be a "Maker" too as she watches you do the most inventive and fun things with the little stuff you find at home. The memory game is so sweet and adorable.

    I'm sorry she is getting sick from the other children but it happens that way for all the little ones as they grow up and meet the world on the world's terms. Often those terms include germs and diseases for which she will develop an immunity as she goes thru the stages of being sick... It's hard but necessary for her to develop immunity. Hugs to you both as she recovers.


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