Friday, October 11, 2013

two baskets made ​​from t-shirt yarn

After months without being able to work with t-shirt yarn 
( because I had  a great tendonitis in my arm... ) 
I have finally returned to make a work that I love! 
Baskets made ​​of t-shirt yarn! This is so funny! 
and the result are always so spectacular .... 

This time I worked with Hoooked Zpagetti ( here ) 
and crochet hook 10mm, which you can buy in DMC ( here )

I had not even ever worked with this brand but I must say that I liked 
and that is very soft and pleasant to work baskets like these .... 
Yes, I am already thinking about make more baskets 
with Hoooked Zpagetti!!!!!!

I used the tutorial that you can find here on my blog ( here ). This post  was perfect to remember 
of how to make a basket with t-shirt yarn! So, I (and you) 
can always going  back to patterns of t-shirt yarn when you desire! 
as many times as you need with just one click! 
cool, right?

But this time I also added a little detail to each basket made ​​t-shrirt yarn. 
By take the opposite color for to make a small tape around the basket. 
What do you think of this? you like this? yes... ???? not... ????
I would like to know what you think!

I love these colors .... and baskets are always good for everything, right? 
to decorate the home and to store things .... for many things!

Exist many possibilities, combinations of colors and patterns 
to make baskets with t-shirt yarn, yes! Thousands! This is fantastic! 
I imagine colorful baskets, tens.......  yes...... so amazing....... 
according to the color of the furniture....... the wall...........  
is so beautiful imagine and redecorating the house! i like it very much!

Well, now I have to make a carpet that for a long time that I have do 
( yes, Montse!  for you ) because finally I do not have tendonitis! 
Well! This means that you will return to see works 
done with t-shrirt yarn and maybe a new pattern!

I hope that you spend a good weekend! 

be creative! 

Enjoy with your stuff! 

Thanks for visiting my world of wool!


  1. Molt maques nena, m'agrada molt venir de visita per aquí! uns colors molt macos de trapillo!


  2. I really like the bow detail, Cristina!
    Good thing that you feel better!!!
    take care, xxxxx Ale

  3. ambas están bellas! me encanta el color naranja :-)

  4. These are so pretty and hooked very neatly!

  5. molt bonics els colors triats !!!!

  6. Very cute. LOVE the opposite color ribbon trim. Baskets are so extremely useful for everything. I have made them out of triple strand of worsted weight yarn in different colors and they are so cute. I will try the t-shirt yarn one day after I have used all my stash-I have so much yarn, Cristina, I should send some to you !~!

  7. Molt xules les dues cistelles. Treballar amb trapillo costa, la tendinitis va ser deguda al trapillo? ostres, no havia pensat que ens podiem lesionar fent ganxet!!!

    1. Nooooooo!!! jajajaja!!! la tendinitis va ser degut a un cúmul de coses i després vaig patir una forta caiguda que ho va acabar de rematar!!! però, és clar, he estat uns mesos que no podia fer gens de força amb el braç dret.... i el trapillo requereix una mica mica d'esforç que no pas el ganxet tradicional. Però no pateixis, Núria, que ja estic millor! El que ens lesionarem amb tant de ganxet i cosir seran les cervicals... com totes les modistes! però, mira, els esportites pateixen dels genolls i cada cosa té lo seu, no? no podem pas estar-nos sense fer res! si més no, jo no puc! necessito fer cosetes!
      Moltes gràcies per passejar-te per aquí, Núria!

  8. Quines cistelles tan xules! Els colors i les fotos transmeten l'efecte d'un trapillo molt gustós!


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