Friday, November 22, 2013

cowl with crochet and Winter Song - Sara Bareilles/Ingrid Michaelson

I think that crocheted cowls are more practical for children than scarves.
They can put themselves well and they take warm neck.
How I made a hat for my nephew Olau
I wanted to do something for my nephew Alguer, her brother.
So I have done a cowl with crochet
to be well sheltered from cold these days.

I have worked with Stylecraft DK  and crochet hook 4mm.
I love the softness and colors of this brand!
and it is so nice to work with her ...!

I think that these colors do much to a child.
The orange colour combined with the gray is very happy and full of energy,
as is my nephew! full of energy! yeeeeeeeeees!

Make a crocheted cowl like this is very, very simple! I use only double crochet 
( dc with US terminology or  tr treble crochet with english terminology )
and you can do it as big as you want, it's easy and fun! 

While you watch TV in two, three nights, you have a beautiful
crocheted cowl to keep outside the cold the little ones or those over home!

It can also be a nice gift for Christmas, right?

I wish you a good weekend
I hope you take shelter the cold, that you enjoy with your family
and you make things with crochet, enjoy your stuff!

Kisses to you all ...

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


The cold has arrived and the children should have the hot head, right? 
It's time to hats, to scarves, cowls, ... 

With these wool Stylecraft DK and crochet hook 3mm
I have done something monstrous ...

Monstrous... Well... yes ... monstrous!!!
here is the hat for my nephew  Olau!

This week Olau three months old.
I already made ​​another hat for my nephew but ...
it did not give me time take photos, 
because one day it got cold and he needed already urgently!

The other hat is with two colors. 
But I wanted to make a hat like the ones I see on Pinterest, 
with an animal or a monster. And I invented this monster for my nephew.
Here the horns of the monster ...

One day, if  I can, I make some photos so you can see 
how it looks  in the head on my nephew ...

I hope my nephew will not be afraid of this monster!

And with this sweet monster I want to welcome
the new followers of the blog. Today are 286 blog followers...
and more than 1,200  followers to  Pinterest

This is really really monstrous! amazing ...

thanks ... thanks ... thanks you all for being here..

Good night ....

Friday, November 15, 2013

a cowl and Portishead - Roads

I have discovered a new wool. I like it a lot! WOOLLY is from DMC 
Very sweet and soft. And all are really pretty colors!

Last Saturday we went to Ikea and during the road I made 
a little crochet. And I have a student! She loves to take crochet hooks 
and  wools of her mother. Few days ago that she wants to make crochet! 

And what is that I have done with these wool  of DMC???
Well, a cowl ! for cold that just arrived, and with great today!

And, again, I worked with  granny stitch. Really I like it for to work 
any project. It's so easy to make crochet with this stitch ... 
Yes, I like! very much!

I have worked with 3mm crochet hook. 
This cowl measures 30 inches wide by 15 inches tall. 

It cover the neck and it is not uncomfortable. And if you want,
you can also use the cowl as a turban. There I show the photos because 
I'm a  fatal model... 

The great purchase on Ikea: a set of pots and pans for Carlota. 
A week ago she not stoped to cook! all day want to boil macaroni 
and roasted chestnuts! Maybe next week she could to go to kindergarten. 
This toy has been perfect for entertaining at home these days! 
She loooooooooooooooves to cook!

I've read some blogs that other bloggers are having bad days ...
 must be the arrival of the cold ... There is a kind of generalized sadness ... 
and now I am also feeling down ... I love this song ... 
not the official video because I had trouble linking. But the song is brutal ... 
and for so many years that I love ... oooohhh ... always I would to like this song ....

I wish you have a good and enjoyable weekend. 
The advantage of the coming the cold and winter is that I want  spend all day 
doing crochet ... If I not have anything for to do, of course ...

Thanks for visit me in my world of wool ...
thanks for your sweet comments ...
thanks ...

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Now on this night the owls come out to spy on me ....
That means it's time to sleep and today's post will be very short ...
Pay attention:

A basic t-shirt ...

Three circles and three triangles to make a likeable owl ...

That amounts to a beautiful t-shirt!

 100% original!
100% handmade!
100% made ​​with love for my daughter!
although I have not had time to sew the owl on t-shirt,
but the photo looks good, right?

I worked with 3mm crochet hook and yarn branded
DROPS PARIS that I've bought  here
I want to make mooooooooooooore!!

Thanks for visiting my world of wool ...
Really I appreciate very much your comments
about the health of my daughter ...
thank you ... are so generous ...

 kisses to you all ... thanks...

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

baskets with t-shirt yarn

There is nothing better than to crochet to distract me ... 
and if it comes to baskets with t-shirt yarn (trapillo) in a few hours 
you can see the result. Great satisfaction to make crochet
and great satisfaction to see the finished object.

The baskets made ​​from t-shirt yarn 
I think that It will be one of my gifts this coming Christmas ...

They are always so helpful! to organize our stuff of crafts ... 
or just nice to decorate the home ...

To make this four baskets with t-shirt yarn (trapillo) 
I worked with crochet hook 10mm for the orange baskets
and crochet hook 12mm for the white baskets. And I work with
brand Hoooked Zpagetii that you can buy
here " "

These four baskets made ​​from t-shirt yarn already are
in the hands of owners, two friends that really have liked this gift. 
Two baskets for each, one orange and other with white. 
Since I have this blog that I like very much to make hadmade gifts!

My mother in law is going a few days at home. 
And she is making one sweater with knitting needles to Carlota. 
I told to let me try to make stitch. The last time that I did something like  
knitting was  twenty years ago ... in high school ...

You can see clearly: my mother in law made it very well  and I not!
 you no need to comment, right? ha ha ha ha ha!! 

But it was fun and I still remember how to do something!
one day I want to buy knitting needles and to try again!

My dear daughter is not yet healed ...
She has a lot of coughing and not hungry...
And she can not sleep at night ... And the nights are complicated .... 
The doctor says that I remove she the school for two weeks 
to see if it recovers. Too many days  sick ... I'm sad .... 
crochet distracts me ... really... crochet distracts me ...

I hope you has a good week, 
I do not know when I'll be able to post ... 
I will do breast, that is MORE important than anything else, right?

Thanks for visit me in  my world of wool ...