Tuesday, December 3, 2013

another crocheted cowl and Najwa - Como un animal

Excuse me ... these days I have my head on other things 
and not update the blog ... And I do not make comments on other blogs ...
And ... in aim ... Well, I make crochet and I do something these days.
And today I will teach you another crocheted cowl.
Yes, these days are very cold and we have to dress warmly.

This crocheted cowl is similar that one I did for Cristina, you remember? 
( you can see here )
I worked again with Stylecraft DK wool and crochet hook 4mm.

I am impatiently waiting  another purchase that I've made this week,
of the same wool ... I love the colour palette, is so extensive ...
I loooooooooooooooooove it ...

You can see how I've worked with double crochet and also with pom-pom stitch.
I also made ​​waves at the edges. I love the combination of yellow with gray.
The blend the warm colors with gray color is really good, right?

Do you like this crocheted cowl? Well ... I am very sorry but it have owner !
M Carmen asked me if I could do one like the Cristina
but she like it a bit narrower and therefore did not fall so on the shoulders.

This cowl  is very hot and it it will be very useful for these days. 
And their colors are to brighten the days cold and dark of winter....

And once again I ask me: some day I'll make a cowl like this for me??
maybe ... maybe ... on next winter ...??????? maybe ... maybe ...

I hope you liked it, M Carmen!


How is it that I like and both singer and actress?
I do not ever get tired of listening to his music ...
with English ... with french ... with Spanish ... I like how to she sing ...
the lyrics are wonderful and music ... phew, brutally good ...

This year I have not yet made ​​handmade Christmas decorations ...
I did a lot last year! maybe tomorrow I will try something ...
many days ago I have not made ​​no garland ...

Thanks for waiting ...
it may take a few more days to show up here ...
I'm low hours ...


  1. Love the colors and the stitches. The pom pom stitch just makes it so bright and cheerful. You did great, Cristina.

  2. beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  3. Cristina, m'encanten els teus colls,són maquíssims, originals, diferents, únics,...!!!!!!!!!!!
    Un peteó ben gran!!!

  4. M'agrada molt com t'ha quedat aquest coll. És molt original i sembla molt calentò.

  5. Están muy lindos, coloridos y creativos tus cuellos. Eres una artista, Cristina :-)

  6. Mmmm quina passada!! M'encanta Cristina. Les llanetes són super alegres.
    Molts petonets

  7. Supongo q este es mi cuello buff es precioso me gusts mucho ya me gustsria q tradujeses lo q has puesto en ingles, no m entero de nada.un beso muy fuerte y gracias

  8. This is gorgeous! I really must do something with the bobble pattern soon, it is a stitch that just begs to be touched!

  9. Quina xulada de coll Cristina! M'agrada tot: els colors, la mida, els tipus de punts utilitzats! Una preciositat!
    Gràcies pel teu comentari, la veritat és que jo no m'esperava aquesta rebuda al Diari, potser tinc el blog més abandonat, però el fet d'haver d'escriure un article cada quinze dies em motiva i em fa estar molt activa (potser massa...)
    Una abraçada

  10. Bellissima combinazione di punti e colori !

  11. Gorgeous cowl....I love all the different stripes, patterns and colours!
    Happy weekend!
    Helen x

  12. Ooooh! Però com m'agrada aquest coll! Ja em vaig enamorar del que li vas fer a la Cristina, i aquest és igual de preciós!!! <3

  13. Let me say this is one gorgeous, simply gorgeous cowl! Love the play of colors and different stitches

  14. Love the colors! Visiting from Annemarie's.

  15. Preciós Cris!!!!!! Molt bona feina ;) però et puc dir una cosa? Encara m'agrada més el meu!!!!!!! Muaaaaaaaaaaaakcs

  16. M'encanta, m'encanta i em reencanta!! és preciós! diferent, original, únic i diferent!!! mmmm.... jo en vull un!!!! ; -))) un petó molt gran i continua ensenyant-nos totes aquestes coses preciocissimes que fas! M

  17. Lovely cowl. I love the gorgeous colors!

  18. M'encanta! T'ha quedat preciós

  19. Hello Cristina

    Would it be possible to have a tutorial of this SO FABULOUS crocheted cowl ? I'd like to make one for me ^^
    Congratulations for all your works !

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words! I do not use any particular pattern for crochet cowls. I work free, with a beginning and not knowing what to do later! all about double crochet, I start by low part, wider, and then up . In some areas I make crochet balls. Free of color combination. And finally I make waves in the last round. I feel that I can not help more! Have a nice day!

    2. Ha ok .... I've begun one for me. Effectively, it's not so difficult. I'm totally inspired by your one. When i'll have finished, may i write a tutorial in french for my own blog ? Of course, i'll put a link to your model on your blog and write you were my inspiration ^^
      Have a nice day ;-)

    3. Ah, oui. vous pouvez écrire un patron en français, vous êtes très gentile avec vôtre mots. Merci pour me visiter dans mon blog! Je vous souhaite un bon jour!
      Merci et a bientôt!

    4. Ha vous parlez français aussi !! Fabuleux ! Merci. Je viens de terminer mon cowl plein de jolies couleurs. Il est un peu différent des vôtres mais je m'en suis très largement inspirée.
      Merci mille fois pour votre générosité et encore bravo pour toutes vos magnifiques idées ^^
      Belle journée à vous.

    5. Bon jour, Mouette! Bravo pour vôtre premier crochet shawl!
      Vous avez fait tous ces vestes et vêtements??? Vous êtes très brillant avec vôtres creations!
      Je parle français, un peu. Ce que je ne parle pas l'anglais! jajajajaja! dans mon blog j'écris anglais pour l'apprendre, avec l'aide du traducteur de google. C'est vrai!
      J'avais désir de voir vôtre "cowl" qui a eté inspiré pour mon blog! Et j'ai terminé un autre "cowl", je montrerais dans quelques autres jours.
      Je vous souhaite une bonne journée! Merci pour être aussi gentil avec moi!

    6. Bonjour Cristina !
      Bon, j'ai terminé mon shawl ! Il n'est pas tout à faire identique au vôtre, mais il s'en rapproche. J'ai fait une ébauche de tuto, selon la manière dont j'ai procédé.


      Un grand merci pour vos compliments et votre générosité !


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