Monday, December 9, 2013

Carlota's crocheted cowl

It makes it cold!! And there is so much fog where I live ... 
I do not like the fog ... I hate the fog!!!
Last week we go two days at Barcelona and  it sunny! 
it's great to see the sun one day when for many days not you see it ... 

I do not want my daughter to have cold, never. Is for it that I made 
this crochet cowl. Easy, eaaaaaaaaasy, yeeeeeeees .........
 All made ​​with double crochet ( dc ), except for the last round 
of yellow color, made ​​with single crochet ( sc ).

 I have worked with 4mm crochet hook and Woolly Natural Knitting, of DMC
It is very, very, very soft! Perfect for make a cowl or any other project 
for babies! And for adults too! You remember the crochet cowl
that I make with the same colors? you can see it here

Then I did two stars and sew,  like a applique, 
you see the stitches around the stars? 
I think that's more fun for a little girl, right?
 ( tutorial how to make stars  here )

And my princess is happy with the scarf that have made ​​her mother! 
Sure she is! And I'm happy see how my little girl grow ... happy ...  
I hope it be like this ... happy all her life ...

Christmas songs have arrived in our home 
and I'm doing a small Christmas decorations ... 
and last night we have made nativity scene, yeah! 
I will show you it on next post! 

Thanks for reading me!  Thanks for being here! 

I wish you have a nice day!


  1. Es una monada!! Quines estrelles més boniques!! És un coll precios.
    Molts petonets

  2. This is beautiful and with stars!!!!! Yay!!!! I think that cowls for kids are a better option than scarves!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  3. lovely and what a beautiful daughter!

  4. Quina monada de coll Cris...preciós!!!! La Carlota el lluïrà molt contenta, segur!!!! Un petonet molt gran!!!

  5. I love it Cristina - it looks very nice on Carlota. :)

  6. Nena, és una monada... el trobo genial!! i a més fa molt nadal :)
    Li queda precios a la Carlota! Un petonas guapa!

  7. Qué lindo está el cuellito. La estrella le da un toque especial y moderno. Y tu nena se mira preciosa ;-)

  8. Nena nena nena!!! q vaig de bòlit i no tinc tmeps per comentar res!!! Quina passada de colli den ina preciosa! está per menjar-se-la! un petó molt gran guapa! M

  9. Super cute. Lovely photos of the little princess. Have a lovely festive season.

  10. O oh sisplau! Quina cucada! Qué guapa està la Carlota! Ja ha arribat els Mussols! De moment nommès l'ha vist l'Ona, s'ha quedat el rosa. Li ha agradar tan i tan que no el vol a CAP samarreta i runyonera(que em demana). Se'l vol pensar al Suro al costat de llitet! De moment me' l. Te segur estat! Jeje. Moltes gràcies guapa! Petons

  11. Maquíssim, Cristina!!! Molt i molt xulo!!! Les estrelles són una monada, tant les del coll com les de la capçalera del blog ;).

  12. què bonito!!! el detalle de las estrellas es muy dulce. Me tengo que animar y aprender a hacerlas!!
    un saludo

  13. És una monada de coll i la Carlota està moníssima amb ell!!!

  14. Just discovered your blog, very nice!! I also made these little stars (, they are really nice!! Looks good on your little girl!

    Greetings from Ellebel


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