Saturday, December 7, 2013

more crochet owls and Moby - Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

Lately I see many owls ... and this makes me happy
because maybe the species is recovering a bit ... I wish!

The crochet owl is in good company ... It is not only one ... 
they are two crochet owls! yeeeeeeeeees!!!
when she saw this owl ( here ) 
told me that her daughter she liked too the owls ...

The pattern is the same as  the first owl  that came home:
three circles and three triangles. They have some hair in the ears ... 
These are so fun!

For to make these crochet owls I've worked 
with Drops Paris and 3mm crochet hook.
I think they are the same species ... two owls of my world of wool!

They are perfect for making an applique on a t-shirt, a dress, a handbag ...
I do not know what their final destination, but if I know one thing:
these two owls very soon will  travel to home of Ona and Ada!

I hope you liked these owls, Anna! 
leave a window open so they can enter to your home!

The Moby songs so many years ago that accompany my life ...
I think it is a kind of modern  Mozart ... is a genius ...
I will certainly recommend you, other songs are  great too,
but I think everyone knows that, right?
yes, is a genius ...

Thanks for your sweet comments ...
I promise you that I read all and they all make me very happy ...
thank you ...


  1. your owls are beautiful!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. Che belle allegre applicazioni !
    Buona giornata

  3. Oooh quina monada!! m'encanten els colors... què finet cristina.
    A l'Anna li encantaran els mussols són molt bonics.
    Molts petonets

  4. Oooooohhh. Que xulos! M'encanten, M'encanten ! Ja tenim la finestra oberta esperant-los !,, Moltes gràcies Cristina les nenes estan súper contentes! Petons

  5. Están lindos los buhos, Cristina. Son tan divertidos y coloridos.

  6. Ui, quants de dies sense deixar-te comentaris!!! Aquests dies vaig una mica de bòlit i des del mòbil m'és molt difícil deixar comentaris!! Són uns mússol moníssims, trobo que per aplicacions quedaran genials!


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