Tuesday, December 17, 2013

more wool

 Every time I am less materialistic, 
but one thing that still makes me happy is  buy wool. 
You see the package I received last week: 
it's amazing, right?

Eleven fantastic skeins Stylecraft Double Knit, two with ASPEN color,
already I finished all skeins this color and I love ... 
This is a color that I really like!

And I Also bought wool thicker, named Chunky, 
which I have not tried it yet. Also with two skeins ASPEN color! 
I can not resist buy this beautiful color! hahahaha!

Five skeins of Chunky and eleven  of  Double Knit ... 
I will make many things until next winter, right? 
In this photo that I have made 
you can verify difference in thickness of the wool.

I bought this yarn  here

Small things like this, buy wool, make me happy .... 
my head is a pot  boiling full of projects! 
I'm going to do something on the couch! 
relax me and crochet! this is my moment of the day! 
on this time moment is only for me and my stuff! 
yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees ...
I hope you have a great night and you dreams with beautiful things...

Thanks for visit me on my world of wool!


  1. Ostres Cristina,
    Quin subidón quan arriben llanes noves, eh!!!


  2. Cristina;
    Your skeins are just lovely! Love the vibrant colours...

  3. Beautiful colors! Is this chunky blue Turquoise?

  4. Can't find this color on that website.


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