Saturday, January 18, 2014

crocheted hat and The Sacrifice - Michael Nyman

 Life leads us in paths that sometimes we not chose, we not choose never ... But inevitably, the facts was happening one after the other ... Today is today ... and tomorrow will be tomorrow ... Every day I am more sure that we do not choose the path ... I do not know who chose the path for us ... or for me ... I do not know ... because I always I am wrong ... always ... But now something is different ...  she is ... 

And his smile ... his joy ... their energy ... all she is full of life ... she is the light, that all I have always been looking is at she .... Whatever happens she is here to brighten me day ... to brighten the lives  ... What more can I ask? I want to be happy next to my daughter and I want be in this life to see how she grows healthy, strong and happy... I want that she be happy...

She loves this crocheted hat.  I did it in the first rounds with one granny square. See if one day I write the pattern ... maybe I write it ... I made one crocheted hat for my in green, I will teach you very soon. Here I worked with Stylecradt DK wool and crochet hook 4mm. And I also did a simple crocheted flower. A flower for my favorite flower ...

If I knew play the piano in these days I sure that I will play songs like these ... Listen ...  hereherehere ... and many, many more... But I'm so sorry... I do not know play the piano...  I do not know play the violin... I do not know play the accordion... I'm so sorry...

I have never said here that I love to read poetry? 
Yes... I love...


Wake the serpent not – lest he
Should not know the way to go, –
Let him crawl which yet lies sleeping
Through the deep grass of the meadow!
Not a bee shall hear him creeping,
Not a may-fly shall awaken
From its cradling blue-bell shaken,
Not the starlight as he's slidin
Through the grass with silent gliding.

(1819) Percy B. Shelley


  1. she is a cutie with her crocheted hat!!!!
    happy weekend, xxxxxx Ale

  2. Your daughter is adorable wearing her pretty little hat. :)

  3. Cristina, quienes paraules tan boniques! Ser mare es una experiència única que has descrit molt bé. I la nena està preciosa amb el seu gorret, felicitats!

  4. Qué bella tu nena! y la gorra le queda divina :-)

  5. Jijijijii que guapaaa!!! Aquest gorret és deliciós. Molt i molt bonic.

  6. Hola Cris!!! Nena abans de veure'l pel blog ja l'havia pinnejat aquest gorret! Que monoooooo!!!! M'encanta!!!! I a la Carlota li queda de cine ;) Un petonàs guapa! Muaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  8. she is the best critic isn't it?cute girly and great work!

  9. Quin gorro! M'encanta..... I el color... Mmmmm i li queda genial que bonica! Petons

  10. Guuuaaapaa!!! Q ja et trobava a faltar! Però q repreciosa està la Carlota! El barret és espectacular! Un ptonas reina

  11. Quin somriure q fa!!! El gorro és una monada i li queda tan maco!!! Una abraçada!!

  12. La Carlota està super graciosa amb aquest gorret, és preciós i està guapíssima!
    Feia temps que no escoltava la banda sonora del Piano, el recordar-la se m'han posat els pèls de punta!!

  13. És preciòs i està guapíssima! Ets una artista! Petons

  14. Quina cucada de gorro!!! El color és maquíssim!!! I la Carlota està estupenda! que mona!! jajaja!! Petons guapa!!


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