Friday, June 27, 2014

crochet willow

Today I show you the thing that I was working
in the latest days and two months ... yes, a lot of crochet!
It is the motif 189,  called willow , of the book
of Jan Eaton "200 labores de ganchillo"

Although I understand better the pattern looking at this diagram here
Much more visual and easy to follow for me,
I'm not used to follow written patterns...

And I needed more yarns in my home ...
You can believe?  hahahahaha!
And I made an order for buy Drops Paris.
I bought ( here ) the service delivery is sooooo fast!
I love it!

And every time is growing the number of willows.
Here still missing some because I have done 24!
For to make this crochet motif
I have worked with 4mm crochet hook.

Must be said I done only the central  part of crochet motif
called willow because for to the outside,
I have preferred to follow the instructions 
of the Annie's Place blog  here

You can imagine in what thing  I'm working?
the next day you will know the true mystery!
Meanwhile, I hope that you are doing much crocheting!

Bye! bye!

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

pastís tres xocolates

Coneixeu algú a qui no agradi la xocolata???
A mi m'encanta i, com no podia ser d'una altra manera,
a la Carlota també! Fa tot just un mes vaig decidir fer
aquest pastís de 3 xocolates, el qual ja havia vist moltes vegades
però jo em pensava que era molt difícil de fer.
I, la veritat, és moooolt fàcil! A més a més,
com no és necessari utilitzar el forn i es menja fresquet,
és ideal per ara a l'estiu. Voleu veure el making of???

- un paquet de galetes
- margarina o mantega
- 150 grams de xocolata negra
- 150 grams de xocolata amb llet
- 150 grams de xocolata blanc
- 750 ml de nata líquida ( 250x3)
- 750 ml de llet (250x3)
- 3 sobres de "cuajada royal"
Agafem un bol i desfem la margarina o mantega al microones.
Triturem les galetes i ho barregem tot ben barrejat
fins que quedi una massa homogènia.

Amb aquesta massa cobrirem la base d'un motlle desmuntable
( a casa nostra en tenim un de 26 cm de diàmetre que va perfecte ).

Després el procés d'elaboració és mooooolt fàcil.
Mireu: per cada capa heu de fer el mateix.
Xocolata, 250 de nata, 250 de llet i un sobre de "cuajada royal".
Tot això desfet a foc lent i sense deixar de remenar.
Podeu escollir en quin ordre voleu posar les capes de xocolata.
Nosaltres primer vam fer xocolata amb llet,
després xocolata blanca i després xocolata negra.

Per tal que no es barregin les capes,
deixeu refredar una mica l'anterior.
També, a l'hora d'abocar la xocolata
si utilitzeu una cullera per dispersar, millor.

I si us agraden les anous, doncs és una manera de decorar el pastís.
També hi podeu posar "lacasitos" o alguna altra cosa que se us acudeixi.
Quan estigui fred, poseu-ho al frigorífic i l'endemà ja el podreu desmotllar.
No tingueu pressa i espereu-vos un dia,
perquè si no qualla bé es podria desmuntar tot ...

Bé, la meva ajudant i jo desitgem que us hagi agradat aquesta recepta
i que us animeu a fer-la a casa vostra.

Fins aviat!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

my first crochet shawl and Vance Joy - 'From Afar'

Well, today I will show you the first crochet shawl
that I have made​​. A crochet shawl for my mother.
She liked the gift, and I hope that you enjoy this new post.
we go on?

Once again, for to make this crochet shawl I have worked
with the yarn  Natura of DMC. It is 100% cotton
and it is perfect for summer works.
And the variety of colors is soooooo great ...
It is so nice! I'm in love!

I have worked with 3mm crochet hook. 
And for the central zone I used four skeins of green
and I used this pattern:

I found it on Pinterest
( thanks Pinterest! )
Very easy to do, really!

After to make central zone, take the yellow colour
and around green, with the same granny stitch.

And then, continue a round with other green colour
and with single crochet ( sc )

And, in the end, the waves in yellow.
To the top of the shawl I have not made ​​waves,
simply single crochet ( sc ). You see it well in photo?

My own design of shawl! as always ...
I loooooooove inventing!
make my own designs!

It can be used as a shawl or as a scarf. You like it?

This granny stitch is a total relaxation for the soul ...
... I make one night and other night... 
... and continues to do ...
... and you can not stop ... it's like an addiction ...
and not have to change the yarn in this work is a delight to relax ...

Rainy Day in Catalonia ...
And I've talked with two friends, without speaking ...
new technologies have things like this ...
today our souls as the time ... right?
And thanks a wonderful friend
I discovered a lot of bands ... thank you ...
This is the song that has accompanied me throughout the day ...
It is not for the meaning of the lyrics,
but the music was perfect for me,
I feel me like this song today ...

Now I take more than a month preparing a great work.
Many days of work will soon see the end result ...
I am impatient to show you what I'm doing now ...
have a little patience ... very soon I will show you ...

I hope they have some nice summer days,
my dear friends ...
thanks ...

Monday, June 16, 2014

crochet edging in the jeans

Children grow quickly and clothes sometimes used a few months.
So in late April,  the country was still cool,
and I thought that Carlota could use a few weeks more this jeans ...

So, I decided to make a crochet edging in the jeans,
with a 3mm crochet hook and cotton Drops Paris.
Four colors, a couple of afternoons and
I have finished the jeans ...

I also made ​​two small  flowers as applique.
And my muse super happy with the pants that has made Mum ...
I want to say they have been amortized long time,
until arrival of warm weather, a few days ago ...

I found this inspiration on the blog of Annette, you know?
Very, a very nice blog ... my rose valley, here
I have not followed his pattern, but in really
has been a great inspiration for me.
Thanks, Annette!

You know what happens when you have a baby
and not the see in front of him and not feel any noise ...?
Well, that, when a baby is not feeling is that something is happening ...

Well, the first day that she wore this jeans what happened is this...
luckily that day she not get coloring the wall! hahahaha!
 The happiness of my baby fills my world ...

Thanks for all your comments!
thank you for visiting me in my world of wool!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

three t-shirts with appliques, the garden in spring and bracelets

During the month of April I continue with my obsession 
for sewing t-shirts with applique. They are original and it is certainly,
I have not found any baby with the same shirt! jajajajaja!

I've drawn all the designs, without any template. 
A cloud, a Minnie and a heart.

She loves three t-shirts, but  Sant Jordi's Day
she decided on the hearts! Perfect, Carlota!

My baby has a many t-shirts to choose!
All clothes are 100 % cotton and hand-made with lots of love!

And at the end of April my little garden ...

This year a hydrangea has sprouted faster than the other,
because it was more exposed to the sun in February and March.
But all the trees, lilies, hydrangeas ... 
everything is soooooooo beautiful in the spring ...

I am in love for Lithops, although I never had in my garden.
I went to a garden center and bought these three beauties.
A new succulent and two Lithops.
You know what are the Lithops? Click here!

In Sant Jordi's Day my daughter and I started making bracelets ... 
Today you can find  the house full! 
Carlota has gave a lot of bracelets to friends!

She is full of energy and always wants to do many things:
water the flowers, play with clay, making bracelets, puzzle ... 
at the end of the day she falls asleep in minutes!
it is happiness! 

Thanks for visiting my world of wool!

You make me happy with your comments! 


Sunday, June 8, 2014

more days of gardening

On April 7, I still work with gardening!
Was necessary a change to of flowerpot the tree of life ( arborvítae )
and in the tree I bought for Christmas, which it survived heating.
I sorry for it and I not it throw in the trash.
And I decided that instead of lowering it down stairs and go to trash
I decide go up the stairs towards the terrace
and gives it the possibility him to survive...

Currently he is still nicer!
Not only survived but it took out new shoots and is magnificent!
One day  I'll to take ​​new photos to show you them!

These clay pots that you see in the photo are actually drinking troughs for rabbits,
formerly used in farms to drink and eat rabbits. And the three glass jars are: 
a glass vase and two glass jar. The two glass jar are reused! hahahaha! 
I bought olives and I keep these magnificent glass jars! 

A friend who knows my weakness for succulents gave me
more cuttings. This is a task that never ends!

And if you breaks a cup of coffee not you throw! 
it can always serve as a flowerpot! recycle, reuse! 
we try to give a second life to things ...

I already told you that the discovery of the mini watering 
 has been a great event spring.... hahahaha!

And in the middle of April went to the beach. 
A funny trip outdoor. She enjoy with  their shovels,
pots, sand, stones... She looooooves to play with the sand!

I know that I show you much gardening lately, right?
But soon I will show you some crochet work.
Actually, I've been a long time without crocheting...

Well, thanks for visiting my world of wool!

I wish you have a nice day! 

Friday, June 6, 2014

t-shirts with appliques and the garden grows

In March I came irrepressible desire to make some t-shirts with applications. 
It is very relaxing for me make t-shirts with applications and, the truth, 
the result is always great.

A pair of  t-shirts and a pair of very cheerful and colorful drawings,
which  after ironing  will remain glued to the fabric of the t-shirt.

I did not have time photograph the shirts before Carlota to take them... 
soiling,  ketchup, chocolate, paint or anything else put in out in the t-shirts.... 
So, I make today the photos when they been many washes...

With the excess of fabric around the drawing I made her name.
And after ironing, I sewed all, as applique.

And she happy, very happy with the t-shirts that  has sewn  Mum!
My beautiful little girl... she is so pretty...

And my little garden on the 5th of April grew a little more. 
I always like this plant! My grandmother always had at home. 
And I got him a special love because it reminds me my grandmother 
every time I see these types of plants. 
So I bought two small of them in a garden center.

And also this plant belongs to the family of succulents,
so I have expanded my collection of sucutentes!
one day I'll have make a classification of all of them...

Oh, by the way, I also bought a camellia! it makes a beautiful flowers!

You can see my little world of wool in spring: it is a garden very  large! 
Thank you very much! thanks for stopping a while here! 
Thanks for visit me!

Kisses to you all!

Bye! Bye!

books and my annual gardening tasks

Many, many thanks for all your comments ...
I am immensely grateful ... thank you ...
Look. Expanding library of books crochet. 

Although now I see very on Pinterest, I like   open some books.
Always I learn things! And with so much digital world
it becomes into something magnificent open a book today, right?

On 27 March I started the annual gardening tasks ...

Could not miss in this event my personal assistant gardening!
she continues as always lovely, hardworking and willing to do everything!
This year the discovery of this mini watering can has been a great event!
she has spent hours watering! very, very happy time on the terrace...

Among all the boards that my world of wool has in Pinterest, 
the succulent plants is one of the most successful
and has many followers.

I loooooooove succulents!
and  every year I  plant much cuttings.
 And in this way, can propagate the succulents plants. 
Very easy plants for the beginers gardeners!

From time see beautiful things on Pinterest I felt very inspired that day ... 
and I decided to make flower arrangements with succulent cuttings.

Small glass pots and colored stones to decorate...

I will report back if it survives a year ... I hope so!

With of a couple plants I will to grow dozens of new plants ...

I give many on the kindergarten of Carlota. 
Now every class has some plants for caring. 
And also I give to my friends. 
I like to give away!

Well it was my little garden in late March. 

The hydrangeas were beginning to sprout. 
Today one of them has more than forty flowers ... 
but I will teach another day!

 I have to say that I feel a good time in my terrace
and I'm painful  the spine for many days!  but... full of happiness! 
while I made gardening I feel happy!

I like spray the terrace. And I like I get wet my feet.
Is the reward for hours of work! perfect!
My first gardening day... It was perfect!

Many thanks for visit
 my world of wool!