Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Bag for afternoon snack and Linkin Park - In The End

I do not know if you, or anyone, still are there here... If you're reading this, the answer is yes! thanks for wait me! There have been a few changes in my personal life and I not had  time even mood  to connect me here. Surely many of you have done some beautiful works in this time, right? I wish I can go slowly reconnect  with my readers and followers. I return to track your blogs and maybe I will not leave comments, but I will say that I'm back here, attentive to everything that happens. Thanks again for wait!

 At the beginning of the school year I made a backpack for Carlota 
but I still not had done the snack bag. Well, here it is!

I used linen fabric and a little fabric like the one I had used 
to make the backpack of Carlota. 
Do you remember? Here you can see again!

Once again I have I wrong...   i've put in  reverse the  label ...
in the next time I will see if I put it well!

I like to work with the sewing machine, 
though I do not know sewing much... 
but, well, it is relatively easy to make a bag. 
But I need a day whole to do one bag like this! hahahaha!

This afternoon snack bag was one of the things 
that I've done these months. Soon I will show you 
other things that I have done. 
And I  will to show you the garden and ... well, see you soon!


I acknowledge that my musical tastes are quite varied. That all depends on the mood. I can listen to folk, pop, rock ... if the song is good no matter what musical style. I'm of extremes in this sense. This song has already many years but I must say that I love ... I love listening .... thousand times ... you know this song? This song it define how I feel at the moment and has been present in other hard times in my life.

I inform to you: from now when you put comments you will need put the code letters. I'm already tired of the comment spam! yeeeeeees.... ads of all kinds! until one day I see announcing a machine to enlarge the apparatus of men ... you imagine what kind of comments? So,  I've decided to reduce these types of comments. And from now you will put the code . I'm sorry, I hope that this is not too much trouble for you! Thanks again for wait!


  1. Hola Cristina, si que feia molts dies que no sabia res de tu, inclús vaig pensar en enviar-te un mail per si estaves bé. Ara ja està me n'alegro que estiguis bé.
    A vegades passa que hem de parar i per això són els hobbies, es fan quan tenim humor, temps i ganes i no passa res de res!. Jo m'ho prens amb moooolta calma (si no per mi no tindria cap sentit...)

    Avui el nil també ha marxat de colònies....

    Espero que aquests canvis a la teva vida siguin a millor....i si no temps al temps. Una fortíssima abraçada!!!!


  2. Hi Cristina! It's been a long time since I saw for last time! The snack bag is very beautiful and I like very much the animals that the fabric has! Hope to see you again. Look forward to see what you have to post from what you did these months!! Niki!

  3. Hi Cristina - it's good to see you again. I hope everything is going well with you. I like the little snack bag - it's very cute with the little farm scene. Have a good day. :)

  4. No saps que contenta estic de retrobar-te en aquest món virtual. Ja s'ha tornat a encendre la teva llum per als qui has estat, ets i seràs una guia en el món de la llana. Benvinguda, t'he trobat a faltar!!

  5. M'alegro molt que tornis per aquí, ja m'estava posant trista per no poder veure les coses boniques que fas!!!

    Jo també m'estic toda una tarde per fer una bosseta!!! jajaj , no se com s'ho munten les que poden fer una manta en una tarde!!!

    Petonets, per a tu i la Carlota.

  6. Escribí un mensajito antes, pero creo que se borró...Bienvenida Cristina. Qué lindo tenerte de regreso :-)

  7. Welcome back Cristina!!!!! You were missed a lot!!!!!
    xxxxxxxx ale

  8. Bienvenida cristina!! me alegra mucho volver a verte por aqui, la bolsa es muy bonita!
    un abrazo

  9. Benvonguda Cristina! Me n'alegro molt de que tornis a ser per aquí. T'hem trobat a faltar.

  10. Guuuuuaaaapppppaaaa!!!! que contenta que estic de tornar-te a veure per aquí!!!! espero que estiguis bé! una abraçada moooooooolt i mooooolt gran bonica! M

  11. Cristina! Ja ens tornes a deleitar amb el teu blog! Quines ganes estaves desapareguda! Me n'alegro molt i has tornat amb una monada de bossa i samarretes! M'encanten! Ptons

  12. Hola Cristina ¡¡ Bienvenida de nuevo y espero que estés bien tras los cambios. . .
    Yo también tengo algunas novedades que podrás ver en mi blog, me he decidido a abrir tienda en Etsy, es pequeñita, de lanas pero bueno todo era el lanzarme a ello. Va despacio pero bueno también tengo dejado mi blog últimamente, hay otras prioridades en la vida !!
    Hace 2 semanas estuve en Barcelona y me acorde de ti,

    Un beso grande,

  13. Guapaaaaa benvinguda!!!! Se't trobava a faltar!!! Ànims i a bloggejar s'ha dit.


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