Friday, June 6, 2014

books and my annual gardening tasks

Many, many thanks for all your comments ...
I am immensely grateful ... thank you ...
Look. Expanding library of books crochet. 

Although now I see very on Pinterest, I like   open some books.
Always I learn things! And with so much digital world
it becomes into something magnificent open a book today, right?

On 27 March I started the annual gardening tasks ...

Could not miss in this event my personal assistant gardening!
she continues as always lovely, hardworking and willing to do everything!
This year the discovery of this mini watering can has been a great event!
she has spent hours watering! very, very happy time on the terrace...

Among all the boards that my world of wool has in Pinterest, 
the succulent plants is one of the most successful
and has many followers.

I loooooooove succulents!
and  every year I  plant much cuttings.
 And in this way, can propagate the succulents plants. 
Very easy plants for the beginers gardeners!

From time see beautiful things on Pinterest I felt very inspired that day ... 
and I decided to make flower arrangements with succulent cuttings.

Small glass pots and colored stones to decorate...

I will report back if it survives a year ... I hope so!

With of a couple plants I will to grow dozens of new plants ...

I give many on the kindergarten of Carlota. 
Now every class has some plants for caring. 
And also I give to my friends. 
I like to give away!

Well it was my little garden in late March. 

The hydrangeas were beginning to sprout. 
Today one of them has more than forty flowers ... 
but I will teach another day!

 I have to say that I feel a good time in my terrace
and I'm painful  the spine for many days!  but... full of happiness! 
while I made gardening I feel happy!

I like spray the terrace. And I like I get wet my feet.
Is the reward for hours of work! perfect!
My first gardening day... It was perfect!

Many thanks for visit
 my world of wool!


  1. Gorgeous!!!!!
    You can start a new business !!!!! ;oD
    xxxxxxx Ale

  2. You have a lovely little garden Cristina - and I love your terrace. :)

  3. que xulos els cactus del teu jardí^^


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