Monday, June 16, 2014

crochet edging in the jeans

Children grow quickly and clothes sometimes used a few months.
So in late April,  the country was still cool,
and I thought that Carlota could use a few weeks more this jeans ...

So, I decided to make a crochet edging in the jeans,
with a 3mm crochet hook and cotton Drops Paris.
Four colors, a couple of afternoons and
I have finished the jeans ...

I also made ​​two small  flowers as applique.
And my muse super happy with the pants that has made Mum ...
I want to say they have been amortized long time,
until arrival of warm weather, a few days ago ...

I found this inspiration on the blog of Annette, you know?
Very, a very nice blog ... my rose valley, here
I have not followed his pattern, but in really
has been a great inspiration for me.
Thanks, Annette!

You know what happens when you have a baby
and not the see in front of him and not feel any noise ...?
Well, that, when a baby is not feeling is that something is happening ...

Well, the first day that she wore this jeans what happened is this...
luckily that day she not get coloring the wall! hahahaha!
 The happiness of my baby fills my world ...

Thanks for all your comments!
thank you for visiting me in my world of wool!


  1. Nena!! Que txulis! molt bona idea i molt ben fets! un petó gran!!!

  2. M'agraden els colors que has triat! Es veu que s'ho està passant bé con las manos en la massa! Quina pintora! jaja Un petó maca!

  3. Oooh que original!! I que contenta esta la teva petita artistassa.
    Una abraçada!!


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