Friday, June 27, 2014

crochet willow

Today I show you the thing that I was working
in the latest days and two months ... yes, a lot of crochet!
It is the motif 189,  called willow , of the book
of Jan Eaton "200 labores de ganchillo"

Although I understand better the pattern looking at this diagram here
Much more visual and easy to follow for me,
I'm not used to follow written patterns...

And I needed more yarns in my home ...
You can believe?  hahahahaha!
And I made an order for buy Drops Paris.
I bought ( here ) the service delivery is sooooo fast!
I love it!

And every time is growing the number of willows.
Here still missing some because I have done 24!
For to make this crochet motif
I have worked with 4mm crochet hook.

Must be said I done only the central  part of crochet motif
called willow because for to the outside,
I have preferred to follow the instructions 
of the Annie's Place blog  here

You can imagine in what thing  I'm working?
the next day you will know the true mystery!
Meanwhile, I hope that you are doing much crocheting!

Bye! bye!


  1. Those squares are gorgeous!

  2. Nenaaaaaaaaa, quina passada!! M'encanta Cristina!!! I els cotons... quins colors més preciosos!!! M'he enamorat!! :) Tinc ganes de veure el projecte acabat!! Un peto guapa!!!

  3. Me compre el mismo libro por ese Willow Granny al final las explicaciones del libro no me parecieron del todo claras y me paso lo que a ti, empece a seguir las de Annie's Place !!
    Yo estoy haciendo una manta para mi hija con un arsenal de Paris que compre el año pasado en Julio antes de abrir mi tienda de lanas, ja,ja, yo también tengo adicción a las lanas !! La de mi hijo la termine el año pasado y la de mi hija quedo todo en la bolsa, pero ahora ya esta en marcha !!

  4. Hi Cristina. The squares are so pretty - I love the gorgeous colors. :)

  5. Cristina, the colors sing so well together. thanks for inspiration.

  6. The colours are so pretty and I really like that you do only the center part in a different colour!

  7. Están DIVINOS estos motifs. La manta va a quedar espectacular. Y los colores que elegiste están preciosos. Saludos, ♥ Ana BC

  8. Quins colorets més frescos, Cristina :)

  9. Hi Cristina, I just have found your blog! The squares are gorgeous.. love your color combination!:::Silvia


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