Sunday, June 8, 2014

more days of gardening

On April 7, I still work with gardening!
Was necessary a change to of flowerpot the tree of life ( arborvítae )
and in the tree I bought for Christmas, which it survived heating.
I sorry for it and I not it throw in the trash.
And I decided that instead of lowering it down stairs and go to trash
I decide go up the stairs towards the terrace
and gives it the possibility him to survive...

Currently he is still nicer!
Not only survived but it took out new shoots and is magnificent!
One day  I'll to take ​​new photos to show you them!

These clay pots that you see in the photo are actually drinking troughs for rabbits,
formerly used in farms to drink and eat rabbits. And the three glass jars are: 
a glass vase and two glass jar. The two glass jar are reused! hahahaha! 
I bought olives and I keep these magnificent glass jars! 

A friend who knows my weakness for succulents gave me
more cuttings. This is a task that never ends!

And if you breaks a cup of coffee not you throw! 
it can always serve as a flowerpot! recycle, reuse! 
we try to give a second life to things ...

I already told you that the discovery of the mini watering 
 has been a great event spring.... hahahaha!

And in the middle of April went to the beach. 
A funny trip outdoor. She enjoy with  their shovels,
pots, sand, stones... She looooooves to play with the sand!

I know that I show you much gardening lately, right?
But soon I will show you some crochet work.
Actually, I've been a long time without crocheting...

Well, thanks for visiting my world of wool!

I wish you have a nice day! 


  1. Benvinguda una altra vegada al món "bloggeril", i m'alegra veure que també gaudeixes de les petites-grans coses que ens ofereix la vida i que a vegades deixam passar...

  2. Tens un jardí molt maco i una gran col·lecció de suculentes!
    I la Carlota està maquíssima!!!
    M'alegro que hagis tornat al blog, un petó!


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