Friday, June 6, 2014

t-shirts with appliques and the garden grows

In March I came irrepressible desire to make some t-shirts with applications. 
It is very relaxing for me make t-shirts with applications and, the truth, 
the result is always great.

A pair of  t-shirts and a pair of very cheerful and colorful drawings,
which  after ironing  will remain glued to the fabric of the t-shirt.

I did not have time photograph the shirts before Carlota to take them... 
soiling,  ketchup, chocolate, paint or anything else put in out in the t-shirts.... 
So, I make today the photos when they been many washes...

With the excess of fabric around the drawing I made her name.
And after ironing, I sewed all, as applique.

And she happy, very happy with the t-shirts that  has sewn  Mum!
My beautiful little girl... she is so pretty...

And my little garden on the 5th of April grew a little more. 
I always like this plant! My grandmother always had at home. 
And I got him a special love because it reminds me my grandmother 
every time I see these types of plants. 
So I bought two small of them in a garden center.

And also this plant belongs to the family of succulents,
so I have expanded my collection of sucutentes!
one day I'll have make a classification of all of them...

Oh, by the way, I also bought a camellia! it makes a beautiful flowers!

You can see my little world of wool in spring: it is a garden very  large! 
Thank you very much! thanks for stopping a while here! 
Thanks for visit me!

Kisses to you all!

Bye! Bye!


  1. Nena!!! que txules les camisetes i que guapa i que gran que està la Carlota! que contenta estic de tornar-te aveure per aquí! feia falta la teva energia. Un abraçada bonica! M

  2. Carlota is adorable in her new cute shirts. Have a good day. :)

  3. Hola Cristina, Molt xules aquestes samarretes!!! (podria ser que fossin de DESEDAMAS aquestes aplicacions? són veïnes de casa, ens coneixem molt i tenen un estil inconfundible). A mi m'encantes, el Nil també li hge fet un parell de samarretes amb aplicacions d'aquestes.

    Una forta abraçada!!!



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