Wednesday, June 11, 2014

three t-shirts with appliques, the garden in spring and bracelets

During the month of April I continue with my obsession 
for sewing t-shirts with applique. They are original and it is certainly,
I have not found any baby with the same shirt! jajajajaja!

I've drawn all the designs, without any template. 
A cloud, a Minnie and a heart.

She loves three t-shirts, but  Sant Jordi's Day
she decided on the hearts! Perfect, Carlota!

My baby has a many t-shirts to choose!
All clothes are 100 % cotton and hand-made with lots of love!

And at the end of April my little garden ...

This year a hydrangea has sprouted faster than the other,
because it was more exposed to the sun in February and March.
But all the trees, lilies, hydrangeas ... 
everything is soooooooo beautiful in the spring ...

I am in love for Lithops, although I never had in my garden.
I went to a garden center and bought these three beauties.
A new succulent and two Lithops.
You know what are the Lithops? Click here!

In Sant Jordi's Day my daughter and I started making bracelets ... 
Today you can find  the house full! 
Carlota has gave a lot of bracelets to friends!

She is full of energy and always wants to do many things:
water the flowers, play with clay, making bracelets, puzzle ... 
at the end of the day she falls asleep in minutes!
it is happiness! 

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  1. Wow! These t-shirts with the appliques are perfect. My favourite is this with the rainy cloud!! you really insired me to something similar!! I have hydrangeas in my garden too, in many colors!!

  2. Me parecen divinas las t-shirts con aplicaciones. Algo tan simple puede convertirse en una pieza tan moderna. Y tu hija está preciosa :-) ...seguramente tú estás muy orgullosa. Felicitaciones!

  3. Carlota has a beautiful collection of t-shirts!!!!!!!
    xxxxxxx Ale

  4. Que cuca la teva nina amb aquesta samarreta aplicada tan xulíssima! M'agrada molt la del núvol, amb uns colors tan bonics i vius, segur que es tracta d'un dia de pluja alegre! :P

  5. Quines samarretes més xules i quina nena més preciosa! I com no feien falta les pulseres de moda! ;) petons

  6. Que guapa la Carlota!!! m'encanta la del núvol amb les gotes de colorins... la Clàudia també està com boja per aquestes pulseres!; - ) un petó gran bonica!m


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