Sunday, July 20, 2014

crochet XL bags and Joana Serrat - The Blizzard

Recently I've discovered a new sales company crochet.
It is called  MISS KITS ( here )  and this week
I made crochet XL bags with her t-shirt yarn ...

The t-shirt yarn is lightweight, ideal for making bags.
If you have a friend who likes to crochet this is a good gift idea, right?
You see the original packaging? I love it! We love DIY!

English and Spanish instructions for those who are new
to the world of crochet, with pictures step by step.

Initially this kit was for to make a crochet covers,
for one tablet and one mobile phone ...

And, yes, I made one crocheted cover for the tablet, but ...
I not sewed the wood button
because I had thought about something else ...

Well, I happily undo the crochet cover for tablet and as you can see
I make crochet XL bag and a crochet XL small bag!
You can see what model I had???? Deluxe!!!!
thanks, my friend, for everything, everything, everything ...
I wish you all the happiness in the world!

And I sewed the lining inside the bag, altough I admit
it was a hard work because since a long time I had not sewed ...
For the handles I made ​​a chain stitch crochet and sewn on tape.

Here, finally, I sewed the two little buttons of wood.
Give it a very air funny! You like?
And the lining is a sweet fabric with polka dots.
With a garnet zipper for small bag and a blue zipper for the other.

It will be a gift for my mother.
I wanted these bags ... because I like a lot ...
But ... Carlota says he wants to make a gift to Grandma!
I am left without bags!!!!! hahahaha!

You Know Joana Serrat? The album Dear Great Canyon?
I can not stop listening to this beautiful album ...
I love it ... 100% recommended ... delicious ...

Thank you for being here ... for all your kind comments ...
be attentive this week. Maybe there will be a Giveaway
to my world of wool to give you thanks ...
because all of you give me so much joy everyday ...
thanks ... thanks ... thanks ...
thanks ...


  1. GUAPÍSSIM!!!!!
    El color és una passada!!!

  2. How great is that packaging and the branding of Miss Kits! MI love it and your interpretation of the kit is super!

  3. Hi Cristina. Your new bags looks great - your Mom will love them. Thanks for the link to the 'Miss Kits' - I'm going to go and check it out. Have a great day. :)

  4. Hola guapa, Quant de temps sense connectar-me. He estat mirant tot el que m'he perdut! M'encanta tot, ets una artista, m'ha agradat molt la idea dels pantalons! El conjunt de bolso és molt xulo! l

  5. What a great idea and a Great kit.
    Your blog is beautiful to visit and lot of ideas.
    And I will come back to visit again.

  6. Miss Kits és genial!! Jo també he comprat un kit i és una passada! Fa uns dies que he descobert el teu blog i és molt interessant.

  7. Quina monadaaaaaa!!!! Ho trobo preciós! I els colors em xiflen.
    No coneixia Miss Kits, merci guapa.
    Molts petonets

  8. Gorgeous bags, they look really lovely and beautifully made! The kits are such a great idea :)
    Happy weekend, Cristina.
    Helen xox


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