Friday, July 11, 2014

crochet garlands with granny stitch

For a long time I have not done crocheted garlands, right?
Well, for this reason ... double ration for today!
You remember that for Carlota's teacher
I have made one shawl (you can see here ).
Still, I wanted to make a gift for the kindergarten.
And I think the crochet garlands are so nice!
it always make happy and look so sweet in any room...
Look, look! Here they are!

For make these crocheted garlands I worked 
with 4mm crochet hook and yarn DROPS PARIS.
I love this yarn. I loooove it!

Here I've done eight  triangles,
four for each crocheted garland.

An other work that I have finished in waves!
For a garland with white waves and for the other with colored waves.
How do you like to you? how you like more?

 With white waves perhaps look more romantic
and gives it a vintage style. With waves of color look more youthful.
As I did not decide, I made one out of every!

You know who person they like these garlands?
You guessed it .......................?

I've seen that would be perfect for the Carlota's room!
I think I will do others garlands very soon ...

To make the photo shoot I hold them with washi tape.
Carlota loves so much washi tape ... much!

I followed this pattern that I found on Pinterest,
of blog Sônia Maria falando de crochet  ( pattern here )
In this blog you will find many more patterns and tutorials.

I continue with washi tape to wrap gifts ...

I know that the crochet garlands
are already assigned in a place to kindergarten.
The director says that he will hang up the garlands
on the wall where are the photos the class graduation photographs.
What a great privilege!  hahahahaha!
Thank you!

And many thanks to all the teachers
who have accompanied Carlota in the first year.
Carlota has always gone and returned very happy to the kindergarten.
I am very grateful to the whole group of teachers,
educators, and staff working in the kindergarten.
Thanks for helping my daughter to growing,
both intellectual and personal level.
Thank you!

And thank you all for visiting
my world of wool!


  1. Cristina!!! Ostres noia, em semblen espectaculars!! M'agraden tant!!! M'encanten moooolt els colors que has fet servir, i m'encanta encara més la idea de fer el contorn com l'has fet, amb blanc i a amb color més pàlid... queden precioses. Felicitats!!! petons!

  2. They look so pretty Cristina. What a lovely gift for the kindergarten classroom. :)

  3. M'encanten són genials! I els colors una delícia! A veure si algun dia em llenço a la piscina a fer-les! Petons

  4. Your crochet garlands are absolutely beautiful, Cristina! The kindergarten children (and their teachers!) will all love them!
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  5. These are beautiful! I cannot decode which I like more - the light edging or the colourful ones, but they work and I really like the daintyness the edging brings to the garland. Lucky teacher, and yes, something like this always looks great in a child's bedroom too!

  6. Your garlands are beautiful! Gorgeous colors! :)

  7. Delightful garlands, the colours of the yarn are beautiful.

  8. Guapa!!! quina PASSADA!!! ole i ole! ets la reina del ganxet! m'encanten els colors i les combinacions! un petó molt gran! Ah!!! i les fotos genials també! La model m'encanta! ; - ) un petó gran guapi

  9. Què bonic TOT el que fas. Et seguia en "silenci"... Enhorabona per tot el que fas, que és preciós. M'agrada molt com combines els colors... a mi em costa moltíssim.
    A partir d'ara, aquí em tens :D

  10. Cristina, suas guirlandas ficaram lindas! Adorei a ideia de presentear a escola da sua filha. Gostei também da ideia de decorar o quarto. Parabéns pelo lindo trabalho e pela alegria que deu as crianças e escola. Anotei la no blog que você as teceu e fiz um link para o seu blog:
    Abraços com carinho, Sônia Maria

  11. Sono molto contenta di vedere te e la tua bimba felici e soddisfatte !Quest ghirlanda è molto bella !Faccio un giro sui post che mi ero persa ; )

  12. Me encanta la guirnalda! Me gustan mucho los colores que has escogido, seguro que en la guarde se quedaron encantados.


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