Friday, August 1, 2014

crochet doily and the winner is ......

I have taken than more two and a half months
for to make this crochet doily.
And today I have a great pleasure to present you
my new crochet doily for the dining table!
So, today a good dose of color to all of you!
Come on!

The time of joining the pieces was long.
This could be done in so many different ways.
And I testing and testing and I do not decide never how to do it ...

And so one day,
after seeing and seeing the crochet willows on table much days,
I thought: Cristina, or you start now or you  will NEVER end!
So I started to unite and ...
well ... here is  this colorful crochet doily!

The look of the dining table has significantly changed!
you see what was until now ...
For many days I do not ironing the white doily
because I knew the future changes ....

See you how looks the doily crochet over the dining table!
The truth... is sooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!
Maybe I should not say this, but I like so much ...
The final measures are 132 x 54 cm. Perfect!

I did several tests for the edging.
I have not followed any tutorial and I make one free edging
for to make one effect similar to crochet willows ...

I also have had a hard deciding which colors to use for the edging.
But finally I decided  for the color you see.
The dining room furniture is colonial and I think
it goes well with wicker chairs. You like it?

I go to the terrace to collect some succulents for the photo shoot.
But I will leave outdoors in summer is  where they are  best!
In winter I sure I choose succulents to decorate!
I looooooove my succulents plants ...

If you want to see the evolution of my crochet doily
click here and here and here

Well ... this is the magic that has the crochet  ...
the happiness for choose colors ...
the happiness when you work ...
the happiness of seeing the final result ...
the happiness of enjoying this moments ...
These little things make me sooooo happy ...!


And now be attentive: 
because we have winner the Giveaway!

and the winner is................


Ei Cristina, per casualitat i a través d'un altre blog, t'he trobat. Fas uns coses precioses, molt netes, alegres, ... m'ha encantat el teu blog i tot el que hi he vist. I també per casualitat he vist lo del sorteig, així que m'hi apunto. T'he agregat al meu blog (que per cert el tinc bastant oblidat) però em serveix per anar visitant els blogs que segueixo i ara ja en tinc un de més.
Una abraçada!!! "

( You can see the Giveaway HERE )

Thank you all for participating!

Congratulations to the winner!

You make me happy with your comments!

Thanks and Happy Crocheting!

bye! bye!