Monday, September 1, 2014

tutorial how to make a felted crown and Happy Birthday, Carlota!

Hello again, dear readers!
August is finish and it is the beginning of a new year ...
always, every year, for me September is the beginning ...
I guess many of you also think the same.
Have you had a good summer?
I wish yeeeeeeeeeeeesssssssssss! 

I have not been on holiday but August have been dedicated
to my daughter and a few days also preparing his birthday party.
Today I show you some things I've done during the month of August.

I start doing the t-shirt on night before the party. 
( yeeeeeeeees... as always in the last moment... )
So the day of the birthday party t-shirt applique
was not sewn, just stuck! hahahahahahha!
At night, after the birthday party, when the t-shirt
was all dirty of chocolate I sewed applique before
to put the t-shirt in the washing machine ....

For my daughter's birthday I also wanted to make a birthday crown.
I did not know how I could do it, I had not ever done any other...
But I make one birthday crown a very simple and easy
and now I tell you how I did it.

tutorial how to make a felted crown
1- I used a template of crown that last year made ​​Montse ( here )
and I drawed two templates ( I used pink  and intense pink )

2- I cut the two templates and I prepare a fabric with the number 3
for to use as applique in the crown 

3- I pasted the applique in a felted and sewed around

4- superimpose the two templates,  fasten with pins,
and sewed with sewing machine all around.
Also I sew a Velcro band on the back.

And for decorate if you want some decorative ribbon, buttons, etc.
I put a crochet star of Christmas, too! 

With the remains of felt I make crowns
for children who are going to the birthday party.
Very simple and easy, too!

To make these small birthday crowns with elastic tape:
cut  48-50 cm of elastic tape (for children aged 3-6 years)
and as you can see in the photo, sew felted
and one pretty ribbon in this elastic tape.
Finally, sew on the back with sewing machine
 for finalize to the crown. Easy, right?

This year I make a lot of things: he birthday crowns,
the t-shirt of 3  years, some garlands ...
A lot of work but work done with love is a great pleasure!

My personal assistant also wanted to participate
in decorating their birthday party.
She really enjoyed helping mom!

Really, It was a lovely party and the kids enjoyed a lot.
But it's TRUE: a child is more happy with a cardboard box
than with other toy... a cardboard box is sooooo much fun!

Oh, finally, the cake! Also I did!

The three chocolate cake, really delicious!
Was a great success! You have the recipe here

Moltíssimes Felicitats,

My sweet princess grows so quickly ...
 in a days she start at school ...
a big change in his life that I want it to be satisfying
like last year she enjoyed in the kindergarten ...
Thank for making me so happy, Carlota ...
You're my sweet  peanut!

And thank you all for your kind comments here,
 in my world of wool
You make me very happy with your visit,
your comments and emails!


  1. Everything looks so nice - you did a great job with her party. Happy Birthday to Carlota!! :)

  2. Ooh, 3 anys ja! Que guapa està i quins regals més bònics! M'ha encantat aquesta corona de feltre amb l'estrella de ganxet! Petons

  3. Buon compleanno Carlota !!!! Imagine, tomorrow will be the birthday of my little one, but he'll be 12 years old, not 3 !!!!! How I miss my baby boys!!!!
    Beautiful crown and t-shirt Cristina : brava, as usual!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. I agree Cristina, September is the beginning! Happy Birthday to your little princess!:::Silvia

  5. Moltíssimes felicitats per la Carlota, que gran que està!!!! Una forta abraçada Cristina.


  6. Nena!!! Que gran i que guapa q està la Carlota!!! La corona i la camiseta genials! Ets una artista. Un pto ben gran! M

  7. Que maca!!!
    Et passo aquest enllaç per si t'interessa:

  8. So nice! I would like to do one for my daugther next birthday. I'll probably use this tutorial but changing the decoration ;)
    Un abrazo!
    Te invito a pasar por mi blog


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