Tuesday, October 28, 2014

tutorial how to make crochet balls

Hello, dear readers! you're doing crochet these autumn days?
I have dedicated to make small projects as these crochet balls
that can be used as key chains, in garlands,  to decorate the Christmas tree ...

I have worked with 4mm crochet hook and wool DROPS PARIS.
For now, I have two of these keychains
and I made these to give to some virtual friends ...

Look how all look very well  together in a garland.
Truth, these crochet balls are very decorative ...

After making my first amigurumi, I improvise a way to make crochet balls.
Without following any tutorial, as always in me ...

I write down how to do it ...
it is very homemade ...

( Sorry. There are errors in the tutorial.
I'm editing and correcting )

For the filling the crochet balls I used a filler a old cushion that I have at home. 

Then I found many tutorials how to make crochet balls ...
but my tutorial it works very well and is what I understand best.

I hope you find it useful if you want to make Christmas decorations.

If not, you can find tutorials how to make crochet balls ...

here in purlbee.com

here in mspremiseconclusion.wordpress.com

or here in aboutgoodness.com

You like? I hope you enjoy with this craft!
And if you make this crochet ball,
you can give your friends like a beautiful keychain!

Have a nice day!
Thanks for visit me in my world of wool!

Friday, October 24, 2014

more crochet headbands

Today is the third day consecutive that I publish crochet headbands. 
I've had a few days of passion for headbands ...
I hope will not be boring  for you... sorry for repeating myself!
Come on! here the crochet headbands!

Last week I tidy up my things and I found this wonderful box.
Full of cotton yarn! soft and beautiful colors!
This is the most fun! when you put order things
and you find treasures like this! hahahaha!

The headband pink is more smaller because it is for a little girl.
The others crochet headbands are for a woman.

I have worked with 3mm crochet hook and yarn Anell Cotton 8.
I long since I bought them at Yvestown ( here )
The crochet headbands that I made the other day for Carlota 
(you can see here ) also I do like these, with the same yarn.

I promise you that one day in the future will be something different!

Thanks for your visit, dear reader!
Thanks for taking a little time to leave a comment!
I'm immensely grateful with you!

Have a nice day!

Bye! Bye!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

crocheted headband and Love of Lesbian - Club de fans de John Boy

These autumn days ago pretty hot
and for this today I will show a headband very colorful.
A little joy before it come cold!

This time I used a different methodology.
I have not used elastic rubber, I used buttons.
And I think that it looks very well!

With hair gathered this crochet headband is better
because you can see the colorful buttons.
Do you like?

To make this crochet headband I used a 4mm crochet hook
and yarn DROPS PARIS. A very practical and fun craft!

And it is true, it looks so well with short and long hair.
And you, already you have a crocheted headband?
Try it! you will love it!

We happen to you when you like a song you like a lot?
I, When I love a song  I hear a thousand times ...
and is what happens me with this song ...
for days ago that I not listen but this week all day!
Love of Lesbian, the mythical song of this band of Barcelona.

Thanks for all your kind comments!
You are very kind and charming!

See you soon!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

crocheted headbands and Najwa - Donde rugen los volcanes

Since a long time I wanted to do crocheted headbands.
And this week I've made for Carlota and for me.
Today I show you the crocheted headbands that I've done for her.

And I've done some autumn  headbands, as you can see!
I take  flowers, leaves and  autumn colors for themed.
Do you like it?

It is a fun and easy craft, a crocheted work for a few hours.
And when you start one headband  you will to make other!

Carlota have liked a lot ...
When she saw the headbands she became very happy
and she put the tape in his head, now one, now the other.
And she said me: " Mama, these headbands are very pretty!"
And this makes me so happy, so happy ...
I love you, cucurutxo!

I found the tutorial for to make the leaf  here
Thanks, Susan! And the flowers are of my own design,
at my own pace, as always!

Today Najwa. Because when it is cloudy I love to listen .....
Well, I love to listen always ... I love the video too. Enjoy!

Very soon I will show you more headbands!
The cold very soon will arrive and every day
I have more desire to crochet!

Thank you for being here
and for your sweet and kind comments!

Kisses to you all!

Friday, October 10, 2014

crocheted keychain

I had fun making my first amigurumi
that I've done various crafts this week
with the technique of amigurumi ...

See these crochet keychains!
 A craft that requires very little time and very fun to do!

A crochet keychain purple and one other blue!
I worked with Drops Paris yarn and crochet hook 4mm.

 And I started another crochet shawl ...

And you, you are immersed in some project? 

I hope you have a good weekend!
See you very soon!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

my first amigurumi

You remember that a few days ago I show
a crocheted blanket for baby? You can see here.
Well today I will show this again blanket
but someone liked it so much ...
that he already used it to go to sleep!

This is my first amigurumi!
I thought it would be very difficult to make amigurumi
but once I've tried ... I think it is not difficult!

Look! Look how my amigurumi loves this blanket!
I think that in addition to giving a crochet blanket
a doll would also be perfect for a gift.
Truth, is very handsome with his pajamas!

I have worked with 4mm crochet hook and yarn DROPS PARIS,
just as I worked to make this crochet blanket for baby.

My amigurumi has been bigger than I thought!
But it is perfect for to make  big hugs!
He measures 35 inches tall.

I have so much fun making this amigurumi
that I think I will make many more very soon!
He is so happy sleeping with this crochet blanket ...

Oh, you know what it's called?
I've put the name of SONETES (in Catalan)
equivalent of naps or small dream in english.

You like my amigurumi SONETES?
If you want to make a amigurumi similar to what I've done
you can find the video tutorial here

I hope that very soon SONETES and this blanket
will arrive at home to a beautiful baby.
For now, you keep me the secret?

I hope that you do many amigurumi
because they are a very nice gift!

Have a nice day!
And thanks for visit me in
my world of wool!